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4/28/2007 c19 10Myraku Kiriaku
Nice! Awesome! ZOMGLOL! That was great! Oh, and thanks for mentioning me! I feel special now! XD Though, I wish YOU would do a sequal, personally. I have never seen Abysson. I know he's a summon spirit (kind of obvious) but I can't get the spirits that aren't necessary to beating the game. And I don't know how to find out that Noishe is a protozoan. . If you know those sort of things, please help me! I REALLY want to know those.

Oh, and supposedly, you can get Kratos to join you before the battle with Mithos, too. Man, I didn't know there were so many parts I never went through! .
4/28/2007 c19 Maxmagnus20019
lol, the sequels all sound like excellent ideas, if you actually take the time to do any (or all =D) of them, I'm sure they'll turn out great! :P

Cauz you rox.

The deleted chapter did seem kind of... random, seriously, it wouldn't have been of importance in the story, really. SUMMONING TO CLEAN YOUR SHOES FOR THE WIN!

Liked the oneshot, bikini stylez...

Anyway, YOU ROCK, and your writing style pleases my eyes, I'm not a very good critic though, sorry T_T.

Keep up the good work!
4/28/2007 c19 2GoldenTalesGeek
Pretty nice extras. Always nice to know the method to the author's madness... lol But seriously, thank you for appreciating my input. I like the ideas for sequels and spin offs, but I think I'm gonna pass on writing all of 'em, as I've got my own fics I'm busy with. Well, like I said in my review for chapter 18, good luck with your future fics.

~ GoldenTalesGeek
4/28/2007 c18 Maxmagnus20019
GREAT ending, this story ROCK'D!

Very, very, very good.

Either option was fine with me, though maybe the Lydia option was a bit ore appealing, obviously because it was different.

Zelos' serious side came out was quite in-character, IMO, good job on that.

I LOVED this fic, AWESOME job!
4/28/2007 c18 GoldenTalesGeek
Hehehehehe. What a PERFECT way to end it... I almost feel sorry for Mithos, though. I can't believe the story's over...! Oh well, I've gotta work on my fanfics anyway. Nice work! Good luck with your future fics!

~ GoldenTalesGeek
4/19/2007 c2 10MarioDS01
Well this freaking sucks that most reviewers are wanting Lydia to be male again, where are all the ones who want Lydia to remain female? Unless the author is willing to take my suggestions for the story(Which most I gave usually take my suggestions), I guess Llyod will be be male again, groan...

Besides personally I think it would not be such a great idea for Lydia to be male again in her current state. The thing is she is very happy being a girl(even without the lust pollen) and she has fallen for Zelos. The thing is if Lydia changed back to female now, that would be a big shock for him/her(exspecially if the feelings of liking being a girl is natural and not pollen based) and sadden Llyold alot. This could maybe also may sadden zelos because Lydia is the first of possible the only one he will ever feel totally in love with then just be another chick.

Besides there are other stories out there about Lloyd being in love with one of the female characters as a male throughout the site, so I see no reason for Lydia being male again. If the author leave lydia female, this could start a new story.
4/18/2007 c17 41freakyanimegal
LLOYD BOY! BOY! BOY BOY BOY BPOY BOY! I love him too freaking much to think of him as a 'her'! PLEASE? (Sniffle...) Lloydie...HOW CAN I HAVE HIM IF I'M STRAIGHT AND FEMALE? NIETHER OF THOSE ARE CHANGING SO PUT LLOYD BACK! I BEG! I GROVEL! I KNEEL AT YOUR FEET! ...BTW, the part where Sheena got the crap beat out of her was great! I cheered outloud and my sister looked at me like I was crazy...lol. I'll miss this once it's done...update!

4/16/2007 c17 5Nasis the Dragon Hunter



Anyone have a throght logenze?
4/16/2007 c17 10Myraku Kiriaku
Hmm, nice story! Anyways, I thought you could add a scene with Kratos and Lydia. You know, Lydia looks like Anna, so I want to see what would happen, no? Good stroy, though!
4/16/2007 c17 hn
Lloyd as a male
4/16/2007 c17 4Sephy-Noir
Thank Martel they stopped Sheena. Hey good chapter Keep it up as long as you don't put any more Yuri in hehehe ^_^
4/15/2007 c17 razz
Great story, but please let Lloyd stay male!
4/15/2007 c17 34Baby Kat Snophlake
I vote for Lloyd! For him to stay female forever... please no!

Hehe, Yuan. Forever Yuan. Oh boy.

4/15/2007 c17 3Lue4028

4/15/2007 c17 4The Amazing Chris
Oh, Yuan you sneaky little... Well, I'm not sure how this is gonna end. And I don't much care, because I'm sure it's gonna be awesome! GO GO GO!
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