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4/15/2007 c17 Maxmagnus20019
I don't have any preference, you most likely have one as an author, so I think you should decide what happens to Lloyd, or if indecisif, then make a chapter for each possible outcome, :P

Anyhow, keep up the good work, THIS STORY ROXORZ!
4/15/2007 c17 10MarioDS01
Well that is a really easy choice in my opinion. I vote that Lydia should stay as a female permantly for the rest of her life. Heck I think most of us users/viewers/reviews would pick this choice. I kind of like Lloyd being the female Lydia, besides she is used to being female and likes it and is falling in love with Zelos as well. Besides if Lydia refert back to Lloyd, this could sadden Zelos alot. This is the first and maybe only time he would actually fall in love with a girl(even if she was a man).

Or he is a interesting idea. Maybe the cure will not work on Lydia at all because of her strong willpower, mind, whatever or the pollen is so imbeded in the body it no longer exists and Lydia would be a female for real and her thoughts of remaining a woman would be real as well.

In any case please keep Lydia as a female. Besides if you do this could start a new story with Lydia getting use to being a female and dealing with a possible love affair with Zelos.
4/15/2007 c17 5Aiwethryne
Ack! Seriously? The next chaps the last one? Aww...
4/15/2007 c15 Aiwethryne
AH! They're all cursed!
4/15/2007 c14 Aiwethryne
(-chokes-)... ... ...Re... and... ... ...Co... ... ...OMFG!

...Ahem. Well, Yuan kicks ass and is always the same (i hope) even if he's a girl.
4/15/2007 c13 Aiwethryne
(-shivers-) Very flirtatious becoming...
4/15/2007 c12 Aiwethryne
Go Yuan!
4/15/2007 c11 Aiwethryne
OH, NO. YUAN! Aahh! Yuan!
4/15/2007 c10 Aiwethryne
omg, Colette! (pinches mouth and chuckles)
4/15/2007 c9 Aiwethryne
Aw... relatively young love... (-singsong voice-) Presea's jeal-ous.
4/15/2007 c7 Aiwethryne
(Mm-hms to Colette...) Interesting.
4/15/2007 c5 Aiwethryne
It's Krattie! YAY!

...But I really don't see a female Lloyd wearing red clothes. It really doesn't look right in my mind. Mine wears black.
4/15/2007 c4 Aiwethryne
You're referring to Lloyd as a female all the time. It sounds weird, but it adds to the humor. Nice!

Well, with the name (I have a fic in which Kratos and Anna had a girl, not a boy and the name is completely different) stuff, Lydia is fun, although still... (-coughs-)
4/15/2007 c2 Aiwethryne
(biting mouth shut)... ... ... ... ... ...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

OH MY GOSH! Loving it!
4/15/2007 c1 Aiwethryne
Heh... Funny. (-snickers at Zelos, lol-)
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