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for Thanks for the Help Kairi

6/2/2011 c3 Akino1993
Umm~ i love the way you putting kairi here. I usually hated her to guts in the game but aw~ i became to like her moar.

...kinda feel sorry for her tho. -looks up KaiNami-
1/7/2010 c3 3Crystal Inucha and kira Inucha
I 3 this story! And I love the lemon in the frist chapter!

Thank you, Crystal & kira
3/25/2009 c2 XemoflowerX
:D awesome
3/24/2009 c1 XemoflowerX
O_o amazing
1/6/2009 c3 4Shading Source
H-Holy crap o.0

That was so hot. I can't believe it. The first chapter was really, really awesome. With just the right amount of detail, nice flowing sentences and a great mood ^_^

Thank you for writing that, though you wrote it a long time ago, it's still amazing.

You should definitely write more!
8/9/2008 c3 2Jo-Kitsune
Your good. Keep writing.
3/10/2008 c3 5bellemusique
so, i laughed kairis fun XD!

i liked it.

i didnt think it was rushed at all=D

3/3/2008 c3 Happy Fangirl
This story totally suited my bisexual persona. XD
12/9/2007 c2 6XShootingStarX
oh right paopu tree. I reviewed before i read ch 3, so now i have to review ch 2 cus it won't lemme review twice on 1 chap...anyways. paopu tree...didn't think of that. i actually googled up a yellow aphrodisiac, and the first link said something about dandelion roots...so yeah XD
12/9/2007 c3 XShootingStarX
wow. hot story. the second chap confused me at first, thought you uploaded in wrong order =] so what plant did she actually used? dandelion?
10/20/2007 c3 dragunzahurr
at one point i gulped.

and then i laughed at myself.

that was...sensual. :D
10/4/2007 c1 3UnkownWolf1001
*Places wolf paw pritn stamp on your fore head* U've just been WolfPunked!
7/9/2007 c3 9Lia Tsuka
aww that was sweet. Go RikuSora love! Anyways cute story..a few spelling mistakes..nothing to major though. And finally soemone else who has a cool penguin, albeit mine isn't rabid and is called commander Ice pop...

^_^ feel free to talk anytime


6/16/2007 c3 3jojobeans93

omg i thought it was viagra she put in there when i first got to when she put the leaves in.

and DAMN sora has a lot of stamina no?

well i love it anyway.

1/18/2007 c2 the white rose 01
I also forgot to mention in the last review that you successfully incorperated well a girl sexually into a yaoi story with out making her hated and for that you should be commended for that.
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