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for Gently Falls The Drifting Notes?

12/22/2016 c5 Mione
9/25/2007 c5 15Falling.Twilight
I just loved all of this ^^ GREAT job!
11/27/2006 c5 5The First Real Hermione
very cute! i especially loved the elfie reference!
11/26/2006 c5 3AngelFromSlytherin
I LOVE THIS! It's the day rescuer! Keep doing this!
11/21/2006 c5 34mondayblues
Long time no see... :D

As I guessed Lily did not accept his offer...poor Jamesie-Poo... :`(...Lol.

Anywhoodles, how 'bou some padfoot in your next chappie, eh? and perhaps some cupcakes...that wouldn't be bad...:P

11/3/2006 c4 Kiwi
I love your writing! It's great! This is the first harry potter fic I've read and I love it so much! Please write more, you have an incredible talent.
10/9/2006 c4 17this-recurring-dream


*holds out hand like a five year old* MORE PLEASE
10/8/2006 c4 5The First Real Hermione
this is very cute! I hope you continue
10/5/2006 c4 34mondayblues
Lol...this was great!

Plz post soon. ;D


(ugh...terrible review...sorry.)
8/25/2006 c3 1pheonixriv
I love the idea of Lily and James writing these notes. All three are brilliant.

8/24/2006 c3 4The Sound Of Thunder
I love ice cream! Another great chapter :)

Update as soon as possible!

8/21/2006 c3 34mondayblues
Oh...for me? *blush* ;D

Thank you. It was really funny as usual. I'm sorry I have no ideas for the next chappie =/. I ran out of brilliant ideas. (one idea is way too much for such a humble person as myself.)

Cheers! Post soon, will ya? *puppy eyes*. i'll give you chocolate AND mint ice cream. (hmm...it's a good choice.)
8/21/2006 c3 12Prankoholic
lol this is very funny

you know what else lily's hair looks like? ketchup

*adds to fave stories list*
8/1/2006 c2 34mondayblues
Hey! I luved the fanfic I was laughing my head off, specially from james' very smart comments. "your hair is red". Lol. Anyways, it's just a suggestion but you could write notes about ice cream, dunno the context though.

Cheers. ;] Keep going!
7/29/2006 c2 4The Sound Of Thunder
heyy another great chapter.

um maybe they could argue over something stronger like

snape or something?

lame idea I know,but just an idea ^^

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