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1/12/2017 c5 phillynz
Please update i want them to get rini back
7/19/2016 c5 11TropicalRemix
please update. i hope they get there daughter back. Hopefully this will help get darien and serena back together.
10/29/2012 c5 sayuri-uzuki
Great Story! Are you planning to update it soon?
11/25/2010 c5 1koh319
its a great story so far but I hope you add more soon, it cant end here
11/1/2007 c5 Mistoflees
Holy Funk! I love this story! This fic will be add to my story alert8), I'll be waiting for an updating.
4/24/2007 c5 rosebudjamie
love the story and chapters, please update really soon
1/29/2007 c5 7newyork423
sorry to hear bout your Uncle.

when my mom died i found writing bout it made it beter and talking to people

nice story

love willow winchester
12/17/2006 c5 6a rose by any other name71591
O what happens next!UPDATE UPDATE!
8/24/2006 c5 15Allyarra
I love it! Update soon!
8/24/2006 c5 Dertupio
Thanks for this new chapter. it took you along time to update. but i am happy thtat you have done it

I hope you update soon
8/24/2006 c5 3Sunny38
well, it maybe short, but it's to the point. and i can feel the tension there too. i'm really sorry for your lost, but your uncle will always remain in spirit and most importantly, in your heart. :) don't worry about rushing to update as long as it's good stuff, i don't think people would mind waiting.
8/23/2006 c5 Affinitive
OMG! Great story!, hope you feel better!
8/23/2006 c5 1Kana07
good i hope u feel better ^_^
8/23/2006 c5 6ff9moonie
Be strong Rini! ...Just felt like saying that :P ...
8/23/2006 c5 16Silver Moon Goddess1
cute, but the chapters are a little short

*silver moon goddess
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