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3/29/2008 c7 4inu16kags
this is good. Update soon
3/29/2008 c7 11Say0mi Saki
Oh wow.

I was so surprised seeing the alert!

But nontheless I was excited.

I really enjoyed this cahpter and seeing you back just added to my good mood.

I hope you do continue with this story.

I'll be waiting for what else is there to come.

Thank you for updating.

1/2/2008 c1 1I Will Obey For He Is My God
chappie one (how cute) this sounds good

i wonder could you make a kagome and miroku fan fic rated m of course
10/11/2007 c6 1FunniesKitten
This sounds like a interest story but are you planning on to keep writing or you just going to stop here? Please hurry and update.
8/20/2007 c6 cdelosre2006
HEY! This story is getting good, but I'd really want to see the rest of the story. It was already at the suspense of the story. ^^ So please continue the story, because I'm sure it will turn out great!
7/9/2007 c4 3xXxAddictivexXx
i wuld finish but it's raining so i g2g good story though!
7/8/2007 c6 2TheMikoShivae
very awesome so far...
7/8/2007 c6 3SESSHOMARU 4Life
great story plz continue
7/8/2007 c6 padme101
woah thats a lot of drama in one chapter your story is really good plz update soon!
7/8/2007 c6 Jess
PLEASE update soon.
7/8/2007 c3 17Suikazura
this is a great story
7/8/2007 c6 3dream-air
7/8/2007 c6 11Say0mi Saki
hey I luv the whole plot of ur story I hope you update soon kuz I will o crazy if you dont not that I'm threatening you or anything I juz really like your fanfic and I really wanna read the next chapter plz and thank you!

5/8/2007 c6 Lucinda2323
I definitely liked the rewrite better; it seemed like it gave much more to go off of. I'm quite curious to find out what "S-day" was and what happened. And I actually like that Inuyasha has already figured out that his feelings for Kagome weren't exactly "brotherly," and that Kagome has yet to figure out the same thing about her feelings for Inuyasha. I can't wait to find out what happens next; keep it up!
4/3/2007 c6 purplehanyou15
DAMN she found out that she isn't apart of the family. OUCH! This is real good gir. Please update. I like this lil story. Well update as soon as you can. I'll holla at cha later.
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