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for The Reunion Of The Ronins

10/19/2003 c1 18Dark Iced Princess
I know this has nothing to do with your story but I had to tell you. Don't worry in Does It Really Matter That Much Tai won't be falling for another girl, I just like putting it that way to keep the suspence. Anyways, I will update soon, so many ppl reviewed I was so happy! Anyways cya soon!
1/9/2002 c3 Missy
Awesome story. I WANT MORE!
6/16/2001 c2 shampoo ul copt
That you for making it more clear what was happening to rowen. For a minute i was afaird you were making him gay. :( Please NOOOOOOO! Okay then bye and thanks!
6/14/2001 c2 bw
idunno... his gender! turn him into a girl! by the way, great story! keep writing
6/12/2001 c2 7Musou Misora
I'd like to give you help, so if you need it you can e-mail me. The story's turning out pretty well so far.
6/9/2001 c2 54Kayla Tsukino
um..maybe shed some more light on what happend to Rowen...and maybe have some start looking for clues as to what is wrong with him...but darn writer's block has a hold of me again so um...not to full of idea' maybe Rowen might know more about what happened that day too to help his fiends figure it out...just some suggestions...more or less I don't understand what happened to him and I want to know please tell me! well other than that this was an excelent fic and I hope you get enough idea's to post the next chapter soon! it was a good read and please continue it if nothing else I enjoyed the first two chapter so far keep it please...bye for now!
6/8/2001 c2 the Duke of Fenwick
good are Mia & Ryo a couple or ...whiispers not.

keep up the good work.
6/8/2001 c1 dragondeamon
getting interesting so far, I'd like to find out what happens-this is your first so I'll give you some tips: #1, you really got to add some detail about what going on and what the surroundings are(dont feel bad I wouldnt be able to write details myself)#2, try to cut back on the name down the side thing, you need to make paragraphs, which tip #1 will help with #3, write more chapters please (ok it wasnt a tip, more like a request but o well) *grins* dont take anything above in offence, I was just giving sugestions so you can make it more interesting so I could read it with more interest {woops that wasnt the right thing to say was it?} *grins sheepishly while hitting self on forehead* o well, hope you think about my tips
6/7/2001 c1 Arctic Ice
6/6/2001 c1 the Iron Duke
good start.keep up the good work.
6/6/2001 c1 7Musou Misora
Interesting. It could be better by writing paragraphs and/or describing what's going on during that particular scene. You might also add breaks in between the scenes so that the reader knows when things have changed. Demo you have a good plotline.

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