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7/19/2007 c10 1annadracula
well this story would be good only if it actually happened lol
5/5/2007 c10 3DarkEscapade
very nice story
12/6/2006 c3 2Night Dragon9
yea i know wat u mean i hated the dracula getting killed by Gabriel part :'( he cud ov at least escaped before it waz 2 late come on! H waz my fave character plus he's so freakin' HOT!X) i love him
9/23/2006 c10 29Ron's Sweetie
Great new chapter. I love it. Brava Brava.
9/9/2006 c2 6AnimatedBritney
oh...Dracula is so awesome. When I was little I wanted ot be a vampire :D.
8/20/2006 c1 1The Death-Ghost
Yo there! I like the story of the two teens, but I wonder why they don't want to watch Van Helsing? It isn't that scary, it's only frightening with some moments in it. Watching it anyways, that ends it. Wonder what's next? This story rocks by the way. More power! \m/
8/18/2006 c9 29Ron's Sweetie
Great new chapter Ams, i love it, Keep going with it.
8/5/2006 c8 6Mrs. Vladislaus Dracula
8/3/2006 c8 29Ron's Sweetie
Great new chapter Ams. But what about me? What happened to me? Please keep going.
8/2/2006 c7 Ron's Sweetie
Great new chapter Ams. I love it. Please keep going with it. I want to see what happens to my charater. Talk to you later.
8/2/2006 c6 4LiL Bundle Of Death
Your story is awesome!I loved how you built up the charectar.
8/2/2006 c6 4jimmy-barnes-13
omg exciting! :D
8/1/2006 c6 29Ron's Sweetie
Again Ams, Brava,Brava. Another brillant chapter. Your very good writing shows threw. Please keep going with your story. I love it, very much.
8/1/2006 c5 Ron's Sweetie
Ams, Brava Brava, Brillant chapter. I love it. I'm looking foward to reed more soon. My very dear friend.
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