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for The Surprise Visit And The Aftermath

9/23/2020 c19 Guest
I love you and your writing!
3/18/2020 c24 Guest
It’s 2020 and I need a Jess/ Rory happy ending please!
2/5/2017 c24 Guest
Pretty cool
9/11/2016 c24 subchan
awesome story very cute.
2/17/2016 c24 mngirl
Come back please! I love this story :)
11/11/2015 c24 Steph
4/3/2012 c20 Guest
so im just watching gilmore girls one year ago and i am a really jess/rorry and luke/lorelai fan but jess rory a bit more.

So you write this story in 2007 and i wrote this comment in 2012 so i am not sury you will read it but if you read it you need to know how much i love your story

Ps.Sorry for my bad englisch i live in germany
3/20/2011 c1 cmtaylor531
cute story... wish you would have finished it. Oh well Kudos for the cuteness.
5/13/2009 c24 3Elizabeth21Ella
Yes Please some more! I can wait to read more, it's a great story.
4/1/2008 c24 66TheVelvetDusk
I am still following the story! I really like it, and more is always appreaciated! I like the way you write the Jess and Rory chemistry, very nice. PLease update if it all possible, you can't leave Luke and Lorelai drifing in cyber space!
9/29/2007 c9 17udon'tknowmebutiknowme
i think it def coul've hppened if luke and jess weren't so stubboren. loved the chapter, btw.
9/27/2007 c3 udon'tknowmebutiknowme
loved the luke/jess bonding. and rory being w/ jess of course, some ppl r crazy and think she should be w/ wackos like lgan and dean! CRAZY!
9/13/2007 c24 24musicormisery4105
i love it! =] its great...hope you update soon.
8/6/2007 c24 cmtaylor531
Aww i really like this story... Hope we get another update!
4/20/2007 c24 Isabell
Love It!
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