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8/10/2015 c10 Guest
I'm sooooo so so sorry for saying this because you seem like an awesome person but... I hat you so much for letting her die well I dont hate you I hate what you did with the story. oh well I'm over it I'm so evil!
8/6/2014 c10 hama431
Will sakura survive
Will sasuke forgive sakura
1/30/2013 c10 nfurukawa365
NNOOOO! Sakura cannot DIE! hehe... good story you made me cry! LITERALLY!
1/30/2013 c2 nfurukawa365
I like it how u like to make us use our imagination! keep up the good work!
5/23/2012 c10 2DiamondDreams789FIFi
nooooo. Sakura cant have seriously died, could she?

No one else would suit Sasuke

Anyways, please update!

I reallyy want to find out what happens
3/3/2012 c10 imaFREAK
NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE! Gosh Sakura cannot be dead, please, please update soon.
7/31/2011 c10 12HelloBatty73
noooooooooooo you can't let it end! (cries!)
3/3/2011 c10 1inoy101
HOW COULD U KILL SAKURA! i mean come one this story would have been alot better if b4 sasuke hurt ino she gave him the antidote and sakura would sitll be alive so sasuke and her to get married
3/3/2011 c10 1xFlipJamsx
please update the story soon. i would like to know what happens.
12/13/2010 c10 Devilocity666
ok ..well...YOU MUST CONTINUE. Please! I LOVE this storys plot line please continue please please please
10/14/2010 c10 Forsaken Heart
10/14/2010 c8 Forsaken Heart
10/14/2010 c6 Forsaken Heart
I really...really do hate Ino...it was probably her who did that to Sakura. *Clicks on next chapter*
10/14/2010 c5 Forsaken Heart
I hate Ino ,Karin, Yuka, and Ami, their all sluts.
10/14/2010 c4 Forsaken Heart
Haha, the ending was nice. =D
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