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5/2/2015 c4 6EmeraldSeaGamer
:' -(
4/6/2012 c1 tuxer
great start. Hope you complete it.
8/11/2008 c1 4ORIONSTORM04
Great start! I will go and review the others later, at work right now and don't really have the time to fully enjoy each one. Great story though!
2/27/2008 c4 182Luiz4200
Please keep writing. I wanna see how Jake will rescue Gramps and Derceto. And I hope that the Jake/Rose pairing prevails.
10/16/2006 c3 Hiya
All of your stories are awesome! Keep it up!
9/27/2006 c3 178Lavenderpaw
Heyz.Really like the amulet plot part of your plot so far but remember your periods,etc.That's about it,otherwise it's very well done.Hope you update as soon as possible.BTW,I have a sequeal to When Everything Falls On Me called Time And Time Again up.It's not too far along,only on ch. 2.byez 4 now.

8/1/2006 c1 36FoxieSango
I like it a lot! I can't wait to read more! *grabs Spud's Stacy Tracker and smashes it* HA! HA! No he has no choice but to go for Trixie! XD...OO...um...*ahem* Just...update soon, okay? Jasmine will be safe with Jakey! ^^

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