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1/7/2007 c6 Wingweaver1661
kewl story!
1/6/2007 c6 2Dnic5
An interesting story update again soon
1/2/2007 c6 JHSDFHIODSYO
Aw, cute little snakey Harry! Keep up the good work~!
12/29/2006 c6 lerabird
I'm beginning to like Rosier... and I'm really looking forward to harry going to hogwarts and stuff...and Vols... oh the excitement!
12/27/2006 c6 Devils Mime
This is really good. Update soon.
12/19/2006 c6 15Evil by Definition
I really like it, keep it up.
12/15/2006 c5 Stephanie
well my dear, i think it was pretty good. even though i have no idea who the harry potter characters are, i can kind of tell their characters from the way you describe their actions. good use of those adjectives and adverbs! lol. i like it. keep it up!
12/14/2006 c6 15Xelena
o. rosier has plans in motion. harry's funny - just bouncing in his seat. he doesn't have a clue what the old man's prepping him for. update again soon
12/14/2006 c6 hp nerd
OMG! this is such a good fic! v. origional! keep up the good work!
12/12/2006 c6 Julia
It's COOL! I wonder what will happen next?
12/11/2006 c6 12AquaRias
Great story, update asap!
12/11/2006 c6 Lothirielwen
When does Voldemort join the scene? Does Harry join up with him in some capacity? Does Rosier warn Harry about Dumbledore? Does Rosier bring Severus in to teach Harry potions?

O, soo can't wait to read more!
12/11/2006 c6 4Mystiksnake
Did you mention Rosier's plan?

Or did you just say he had one for Harry?

I forget.

Great chapter! Please update soon!
12/10/2006 c6 2Evil Ball of Fluff
oh this is so good I like enan he is sorta of cool and snake harry is so cute ke it up ;D
12/8/2006 c6 disgruntledfairy
I loved this chapter. I've been waiting for you to update. I absolutely adore Harry-as-a-snake stories. Hope you can update again soon!
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