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for Serepentine Incident

10/26/2013 c6 pikachucat
awesome more please
9/5/2013 c6 princess yuei
i really liked it:) i really hope vodemort is nice to harry otherwise it wouldt be fun but i hope u update soon 3
7/28/2013 c6 3SakuraKoi
oh no...
7/28/2013 c5 SakuraKoi
oh hell
7/28/2013 c4 SakuraKoi
- . -
7/28/2013 c3 SakuraKoi
7/28/2013 c2 SakuraKoi
7/28/2013 c1 SakuraKoi
7/15/2013 c6 kat1316
awwww whens the next update?
4/19/2013 c6 Guest
okay this story is awesome why did you stop? more chapters PLEASE
3/19/2013 c6 Ehlonna the Demoness
3/11/2013 c6 1DarcyLowther
Please update?
3/10/2013 c6 1LunarCatNinja
This is an interesting story so far, and I love how unique your idea is. I have yet to find one like this.
2/13/2013 c6 Dontforgettologout.lessontime
It's been over FIVE BLOODY YEARS since you updated this story YOU ASSHOLE!
12/25/2012 c6 1SuperSaiyanTeemo
Nice...i don't think harry will take to learning dark spells easily through
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