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8/29/2007 c2 Kaidaia The Run Away Advent
very wicked chapter
8/20/2007 c11 1Usagi Uchiha Yuy
NO FAIR! . i wanted Usagi 2 b with Itachi, Nagi and Omi. WAH! *grins* XD, sry. update soon! it's aweosme...altho, wat happens? how does Mamo-Baka being evil have to do with Usagi being delivered to Estet..i think that's how u spell it...update soon! i can't wait 4 u 2 updatecuz i wanna read da next chapter really really really soon! It's awesome and very interesting, a bit of compolicated stuff but it's awesome...now, my suggestion for pairings(some are just random):






I'm sorry i couldn't think of more, there's just to many ppl and i can' think properly...sry. V.V anyways, udpate soon cuz i can't wait to read danext chapter, i wouujld ask to add more...action like fights and some "other place events" like switch ur point to the bad guy's layer and...like wat u did with Mamo-Baka and Galaxia. like, show wat's happenin at da flower shop and with Crawford and stuff. ^.6 update soon!


Usagi Yuy ^.~
8/18/2007 c11 16TheOtaku Akatsuki
oh they ddnt know that they can turn into girls?
8/17/2007 c11 12Serenity Maxwell
glad you are out of your writers block, it has been some time and i was missing this. :) i liked it. all else fails, you can add itachi to serena. :) that would be very very interesting.
7/11/2007 c10 37Midnight's Violet Haze
Really good writing! I vote serena/yaten! lol
7/9/2007 c10 lunamoonangel
Kai/Tyson. great pairing and great fic
6/9/2007 c10 9Labores Solis
I vote Nagi/Serena pairing. Also please update soon!
5/1/2007 c10 Wild Horses
I vote for a Omi/Serena/Nagi Paiting.
2/5/2007 c10 12Serenity Maxwell
sorry it took me so long to review. i loved the chappy and i hope naruto gets to punch mamoru's lights out too. :) yaten/serena, sasuke/naruto or ino/naruto, kiba/hinata, shikamaru/temari, and a gaara/sakura would be interesting.
1/29/2007 c10 scione
Naruto/Minako naruto/amy
1/29/2007 c9 scione
1/29/2007 c8 scione
Naruto/Minako or naruto/pluto
1/29/2007 c7 scione




1/29/2007 c6 scione
amy/naruto/pluto naruto/anko/tenten naruto/ino naruto/uther salers
1/29/2007 c5 scione
naruto/amy/pluto no yoai for naruto plz.
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