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4/10/2014 c9 mayo
Wow. This is the best fanfic ive ever read. Well done. You pleased this huge inuyasha fan.
6/19/2008 c1 27saphira404
What a great story!
9/13/2007 c6 taiyoukaiai
hey i'm really loving your story so far. i can't believe how much you've been able to do with it in so few chapters. it's really good.

...one thing though, the name of sango's weapon is spelled hiraikotsu, not 'hirycotsu.'

anyway...i can't wait to finish reading.
8/25/2007 c9 4Kim Pluedeman
This is a very well-written story! I'm so glad there's someone out there who knows how to use spell-check! I couldn't stop reading this story; nice job! Keep writing, cause I'll keep reading!
8/25/2007 c2 sweetbabbe17
5/19/2007 c6 oldestmaiden
Please continue. You have to get them back.
3/11/2007 c7 6CloudedMirror
oh wow! this story is really really interesting! please update soon!
2/15/2007 c7 7sasha the water goddess
update soon!
2/13/2007 c7 25Shounen-Ai
Love the story. Write soon please! (puppy eyes)
2/13/2007 c7 1LoVe23
Oh my gosh! I just read this and it's so good. It's so sad... poor Kagome doesn't remember anything...and poor Inuyasha! Can't wait to read more!
11/19/2006 c6 kayla
i loved your story. i want to know more. you detailed it so perfectly it was like i was actually watching the animation. please continue the story bc i would hate to have to make up my own ending. lol.but i did enjoy thank you for giving a great story.


10/16/2006 c5 1Zerachinhime
A great story overall, so I'm hoping for many, many chapters in the future :D

A little critique though, but I think you would really benefit from a beta reader. I've seen a little spelling mishaps between your/you're and blue/blew, and a beta would be able to fix that right up for you before you post it ^_^.

So yes, again, I'm looking foreward to how this story will turn out; try to give more description, as well, build on your imagery! That's the great part of being a writer, there's always room for improvement! Your paragraph structure is fabulous though (better than a lot more I've seen Oo - it's hard to read something when everything is squished together in three paragraphs )

Keep on with the writing! Immediately after I submit this, I'm going to bookmark this, so update soon! ::wink::
9/28/2006 c4 1xsachi
^^ yay!
8/4/2006 c2 3casui
The drama begins! XD! It'll be interesting to see Kagome's reaction, but I really want to know what Inuyasha's up to in hell right now. Is he simply dead or is his spirit alive? X_X who knows, I don't. Well, update soon! Great chap!

-Ja, casui
8/3/2006 c1 LyricsOfATwilightRomance
Oh, I've always hated that bitch! Hahah. Update!

Please and Thank You,

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