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11/29/2012 c2 13bearblue
Very nice. Thank you.
4/8/2011 c1 21fan-freak121
12/13/2008 c2 xXxndngrlxXx
omg this is thee most hilarious story ever! hetty roflmao
11/13/2008 c2 cautionary-threads
Woow liked it alot :) It was a really interesting idea and some good HPDM slash
8/10/2008 c2 17SylvanDreamer
Amazing story. No really. The concept is really original and although I usually dislike anything related to Harry and Ginny, the Harry/Draco balanced it out beautifully.

It made me laugh so much. Great job. ^_^
7/10/2008 c2 14Little Green Voice
VERY interesting idea you had here ... but why did you stop it here? I would've LOVED to read what happens after Harry is permanently back in the real world and having to face the real world Malfoy and Ginny etc. This is such a juicy idea! I hope you'll some day write a sequel... :)
6/12/2008 c2 click
After some moments’ observation, he finally noted, "I can see myself in your eyes," then added, "I'm all brown and curvy."

"Hmm,” Hermione replied, “good for you.”

“Can you see yourself in mine?” Harry pestered; the room had become more silent than he was comfortable with.

“No, I can’t,” Hermione said dismissively. “They’re too light for my reflection to be seen.”

"Well, maybe you’ve just discovered that you are, in fact, a vampire," he suggested.

That was pretty much the best thing ever. Please keep writing!
5/7/2008 c2 vampiregoth28
I really like this story, but some of it was confusing :)
5/29/2007 c2 7Ysarose
*grins* Excellent! Can there be a sequel of him acting out his curiosity on what he may have discovered? It's so great and wonderful! *giggles* Thanks ever so much!

~ Miss.
1/27/2007 c1 27FoenFyre
The whole story premise was an interesting one to branch off that completely held my attention. I was ready to smash the computer mouse for not transfering me to the second part quick enough, which is a rare occurance in itself.

I love the way Harry was able to glean something from this experience, and the different realities you chose weren't so fantastic as to be immpossible. I really enjoyed this story and will promptly add it to my favorites list as soon as possible!

Keep Writing!
11/27/2006 c2 72Padfoot Reincarnated
I really enjoyed this! It was a fun, thought-provoking story. The ending seemed a little abrupt, though. Sequel?
10/2/2006 c1 twitchi
*snickers* This fic seems nice ^^ The blinking is fun XD
8/3/2006 c2 2Totally Raven
AHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was funny. Poor poor Harry. Really good story.

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