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1/2/2009 c2 22LiveFearlessly
great job! I love it!
11/26/2006 c2 PurplePicklesUnite
Wow how lovelacious! One thing though what's with the weird  things?
10/15/2006 c2 Anonymous
I love this story. Very sweet. I love fluff. Please continue.
9/9/2006 c2 12Frayter
Okay... So I've read this story before... But I am always to lazy to review... But now I justhad to XD.. But first I need to punish myself for not doing it earlier *hits myself in the head with Ronja*

Now when that's done... This is a really cute story... Why didn't I review this earlier... Stupid me...

I hope you're going to write a new Bones story soon XD
8/31/2006 c1 5LothwenUndomiel
aaw loved it! it was really sweet and stuff...btw, its me, Letty! lol
8/30/2006 c2 16218lzytwner
This was so cute. Booth and Brennan not coming up for air. :)
8/14/2006 c2 Angel
Yeah. I love your ending. More stories from you, I hope.
8/14/2006 c2 14Raven-Rain
Loved this fic...they're so sweet.

I also liked the last line you wrote about reviewing :)
8/13/2006 c2 BoothLover
Here I am again. hehe. I liked it. Do more, do more.
8/12/2006 c2 20siapom
Aw. That was so sweet! :)
8/12/2006 c2 126AJeff
And you thought you couldn't write. Well done! Hope you do more with that creative imagination of yours! I love fluffy!
8/12/2006 c2 angelwriter2492
it really is a nice story, it's so cute!
8/12/2006 c2 old deleted
that was gd dd

more please oh just noticed it sez complete *sulks*

new story please?
8/12/2006 c2 6Bella-mi-amore
awe that was so sweet. I just had the opportunity to read both chapters. so cute
8/12/2006 c2 9Trosario

please tell me you will write more
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