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for The Colour of Ever After

6/2/2023 c11 Guest
it's okay. its a reallly nice fic and all... :)
2/2/2023 c10 Guest
Decepcionado estoy yo contigo, es increíble como dije que empezarás a escribir algo a lo que no tenías ninguna motivación al respecto y no comprendo el título
2/2/2023 c10 Guest
La historia podría haber sido mucho mejor y más larga

Que falta de dedicación para seguir adelante

Y mejor infórmate más profundo
No necesitábamos ver que mencionaras que Lilith se le destapó lo que se le destapa a las mujeres cuando están embarazadas, puede que sea algo repugnante
2/25/2022 c8 FairyLighting66
I'm sorry what part of harry is independent following after dumbledoor like a dog
1/12/2022 c8 Persea
12/12/2021 c11 Ki
Oh this story is really great. I'm sorry its abandoned. I understand, but maybe you will like it again or get back into HP later? That happens sometimes, after a few years :)
I know the the series has huge flaws, and gets complicated, but like they say, "still a better story than twilight", lol.
Thanks for writing!
12/12/2021 c6 Ki
They told harry to his face they needed him back to fight a war...and he went? I get he was desperate to know his parents, but in this case there was truly no good reason for giving him up. Just disappointment. Did he tell his adoptive parents they wanted him to fight?
12/11/2021 c4 Ki
I'm glad Will isn't the bad guy. He still loves and misses his brother, even if he can't remember him. He's not some spoiled brat.
12/11/2021 c3 Ki
His godfather would have been happy to raise harry. And James agreed to give up his son without a fight. To an orphanage.
Good intentions mean little when someone is SO wrong.
6/19/2020 c3 NightRunner203
this is so awesome and cute and i just love it sooooo much
7/26/2019 c11 Brooklyn Eubank
I completely understand where you are coming from ! I just hope you will promise me one thing? Never, ever, (even if Harry Potter is no longer in your interests and is boring to older you) forget the childhood adventures! It is currently 2019 and I am a 28 year old person. Through all my life I have learned that memories, however bad they are, should be treasured! I still remember reading about (SPOILERS!) Percabeth falling into Tartarus, Nico losing Bianca, and Mr. Mcshizzle! (Don’t forget the unforgettable dam snack bar). I still remember Snuffles (A.k.A Sirius Black) being reunited with Remus and waiting for that moment in 12 YEARS OF IT! IN AZKABAN! I still remember all my heart ache and tears that laced my faces as I lived through Albus’ funeral (Dumbledore). I still remember the lost moments when I started my trenchers through the world of fan fiction and fan girls! So, what I am trying to say is, don’t end up like Christopher Robin (You get the reference if you saw the live action Winny The Poo). Don’t loose those times because if your younger self saw that, would they be proud that the person they became was a forgetful ungrateful person? I know I will probably beat my self up in the future if I forget my adventures! Just... read this:

You are 23 and you are about to move into your first house. As you are packing up your old room, you find your old Harry Potter Series that has been lost under your other books for a long time now. You stroke the covers of the books. Teary-eyed, you are about to place them in the donate pile when the doorbell rings. You open the door and standing there is Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Sirius, Remus, and Draco. They smile and grab your hand. “How about one more adventure, for old times sake?” They ask.

(This was originally made by someone else about Percy Jackson, but since this is a Harry Potter story, I figured you would get it better)

Don’t forget your childhood, it’s what made you, you!
7/13/2019 c11 Guest
It's not a bad place to end the story. It isn't necessarily being abandoned with an end like that.
1/16/2019 c12 5Bethwils
I love this story, such a shame you stopped writing it.
1/13/2019 c9 Guest
You had Draco suddenly turn into a total asshole when Harry cut his hand, just so you know!
1/13/2019 c5 Guest
That would be like leaving Harvard for a state school! Right before SENIOR YEAR! Nuts!
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