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10/28/2006 c11 1alboppy
I am so happy you found the time and energy to write another chapter. It is a great story and you have me waiting to see what is going to happen.

Update soon, Please
10/28/2006 c11 5AshaXxX
that was amazing
10/27/2006 c11 Mela
I really love this story. It verbalizes everything the show didn't while keeping true to the characters. Thanks for writing it! I can't wait to read the rest of it!
10/27/2006 c11 west coast smoker
great story all of it!i have recently read it but i think all the chapters are fantastic!update really soon please!
10/27/2006 c11 26elisaday16
Don't tell me that this is the end !

It's beautiful...but I want Phoebe and Cole to be together!

Please I'm begging you !

Well great story

10/27/2006 c11 12Melinda Turner Halliwell
I'm so sorry your Grams died! I can immagine how hard it is... :(

Anyway, I love the chapter, it's so wonderful. what will happen now, when Phoebe goes back to her real world? Will Cole still be stuck in the limbo?
10/27/2006 c11 1Gwenefhar333
Wow! Great Chapter! Please keep them coming. I think the way you have addressed Phoebe's lack of dealing with all the feelings from her past is really ingenius. I can't wait to find out what happens now that she knows Cole is still around in the real world and all the feelings are back up to the surface. Please update soon!
9/29/2006 c10 12Melinda Turner Halliwell
continue son!
9/28/2006 c10 scme
this is great. you havnt updated in a while, please carry on with this fic! its really good!
9/22/2006 c10 2SamDeanLove
very good! whana reade more about it.. so please hurry up.. =)
9/12/2006 c10 nixy
Ok i now have no more to read! update soon! this is a really good fic.
9/11/2006 c10 hinormajean
please update soon
9/6/2006 c8 Nixy
Wow wee! this is a great fic. i usually dont really like the script written fics but theres something about yours which just has me hooked. its written so well and is so clear to picture. im really enjoying it and have spent most of my working afternoon reading though! this is a bad influance! i havnt got to the end of the fic yet but its nearly home time so i thought i would let you know my thoughts before i went! i shall continue when i can! brilliant! well dont, keep it up i cant wait to read the rest! let me know when you up date.


9/6/2006 c10 5AshaXxX
Aw wonderfull
9/5/2006 c10 32PheobeColelovers
More, more more. Usually I can't read fics where it's just what they say, like the whole script format but yours is just so good. I love it and can't wait for more. I think I kind of know what you're gonna do and how Cole became corporeal. Does it have something to do with the protective amulet that the other Cole was wearing where they said because of it he would end up somewhere else.

O, and Coop has always seemed like a nice guy, but I'm really starting to hate him in this story. And that's not a bad thing. No one messes with pretty man aka Cole.
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