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9/5/2006 c10 1Gwenefhar333
Glad you finally got this up! I love the idea of Cole seeing auras and knowing that Paige was pregnant! It was a bit short. I'm anxious to see what happens when Cole and Phoebe finally meet. Please update soon!
9/4/2006 c10 1alboppy
I love where this story is going! I like how Cole helped Piper and Leo with the name for the baby, that made a great scene between them and built on the familiarity they share. I really do not like Phoebe with Coop and how he is so possessive of her when he knows that the reason Phoebe's heart was blocked was because of her inability to deal with her feelings for Cole. As a cupid I would think he would be able to open his eyes but then he is just a man who is jealous of the fact that his wife does still love Cole and that Cole is able to save her not him.

I am waiting anxiously for your next installment.

Hope you are feeling better - stomach flu is the worst.
9/4/2006 c10 Jenn
Another great chapter! I can't wait to see what happens to Cole when he goes to rescue Phoebe. I wonder if Phantom Phoebe will come back?
9/4/2006 c10 14AnimeAlexis
How come it's obvious to the people reading the story that Paige is pregnant, but not to the people IN the story? It's so funny, I named one of their future kids Paula-Grace! I might have to change it now, though... Update soon please!
9/1/2006 c9 AnimeAlexis
So Cole knows that Paige is pregnant, and he's going to recue Phoebe from herself. This makes so much more sense now! Cole and Phoebe better get back together! As a matter of interest, why did Phoebe name Warren Warren? I know YOU liked the name, but the character herself. Update soon please!
8/31/2006 c9 Jenishi
OMG! This is great... I would never imagine a story line w/ Cole and Coop together. Or having Henry part of this... It's great! I can't read the rest of it!
8/28/2006 c9 9ethereal girl
ha ha, they always need Cole to tell them what is happening to Phoebe. Funny isn't it? He is still the ones who knows her best. I like the testosteron fight between Coop and Cole. Nothing better than 2 men fighting over one woman. I love it! But you know for me Cole has to be the one Phoebe chooses in the end...

Paige attacking Cole with the bat was so mean! I guess because he is only partly substantial it didn't hurt to much. otherwise he would have fought her off, wouldn't he?

I really appreaciate your extra long chapter - it was fun to read. I liked Henry calling Cole "“dead” demon guy ". Henrys comments at whole are very funny - I like him, and hate Paige. Its really not Cole's fault this time, at least also Paige recognized this at last. Looking forward to Cole saving Phoebe -as always I might add :-))
8/28/2006 c9 1alboppy
I never saw that twist coming - she is living it in her mind because she has the power of premonition - it is a great way to take the story.

How is it that Cole is not a spirit? Is he going to be staying - I hope yes? If this is all in her mind does Warren not exist somewhere?

I know I will have to wait for future chapters to get my answers but maybe a sneak peak!
8/28/2006 c9 1Gwenefhar333
Great Chapter! I'm so glad Cole is back. I love the descriptions and the comedy that you add in there. Can't wait to hear what's going on in Phoebe's head and see how she reacts when she is around Cole again. I think, even if she comes out of it and ESPECIALLY once she knows that he saves her (he does, right?) that it will be hard for her to go back to her life with Coop.

Sounds like Paige is pregnant & Cole knows it somehow . . . .

Please update soon!
8/28/2006 c9 Baalsfire
Very interesting story. I wonder how you'll explain why Cole is suddenly corporal though.
8/28/2006 c9 bajacks
Wonderful chapter. I can't wait for the next update!
8/28/2006 c9 5AshaXxX
Fantastic I love this Can´t wait 4 more
8/26/2006 c8 1centrepretender
More, more, more! Please?
8/26/2006 c8 14AnimeAlexis
So, this is this dimension's Cole, right? How come they can see him? Is Phoebe in her mind or what? I'm confused! Update soon please!
8/25/2006 c8 hinormajean
please update soon cant wait to see what happens great story
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