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8/16/2006 c5 9ethereal girl
Loved the sister to sister talk, very nicely done. Still I wonder what Phoebe makes out of the conversation and why phantom phoebe is so happy. Looking forward to Coops secret!
8/15/2006 c4 ethereal girl
i absolutely adore this chapter. I like how you compare the scene phoebe/coop and phoebe/cole.

It so easy to feel which couple is the right one ;-)

but I start feeling sorry for coop and at the same time excited how Phoebe is going to correct everything that happened
8/15/2006 c3 ethereal girl
I like how nice Coop is to Phoebe, but I'm a littl stunned he doesn't recognize what is going on, I mean he is a Cupid. On the other hand I don't like Coop, I mean I love Cole ;-)

Looking forward to what Phantom-Phoebe is up to and how Phoebe handles her baby blues
8/15/2006 c4 12Melinda Turner Halliwell
a great story, i love it. I like the way you're describing things, the scenes with Phoebe and Coop. I'm a big fan of Cole&Phoebe but I'm not really sure if they should be together...I mean, Phoebe finally has a perfect family, Cole would just do something wrong again...or rather would she.

Well, I'm looking for an update as soon as possible. Bye,

Melinda Prudence Turner Halliwell
8/14/2006 c4 14AnimeAlexis
So she did lie. What's with the other Phoebe? Is she just going to ask her to erase everything? To erase Coop and Melinda? Update soon!
8/14/2006 c3 15charmed1s-halliwells
hehehe...i love crazy Phoebe! and that'd okay that it was Phoebe/Coop, cause i'm confident Cole will be there later. I'll read the next chapter really soon. Even though i dislike Coop, I liked this chapter a lot.
8/14/2006 c3 14AnimeAlexis
Did Phoebe lie to Coop or is that actually how she thinks she feels? Update soon please. Oh, and I'm glad our reviews helped you feel better! :-)
8/11/2006 c2 9ethereal girl
WOW very good chapters. I really like the script style. you set up a very original and believable plot. I like that Pheobe is whishing for the son she lost, it makes her so much more likeable. And that she is thinking of Cole.

Hope to see Cole for real and not only her Pheobe's dreams somewhen in the story. Looking forward to what Coop hat to say about.

Pls udpate soon.
8/11/2006 c2 15charmed1s-halliwells
This is really good. I love Phoebe/Cole, and I really hope that's where this is going. At the end there, it was kinda like Phoebe was going crazy, which is so cool. Can't wait to see how you explain this. Update soon!
8/11/2006 c2 14AnimeAlexis
Poor Phoebe's oh so confused. And hallucinating. Where's Coop? Update soon!
8/8/2006 c1 AnimeAlexis
I love it! So different to He's not your son I don't know what you were worried about. Poor Phoebe. She just never manages to get it right, does she? So is Warren real or what? And what about Cole, is he coming into it? Please have her get back with him, I way prefer Cole to Coop! Update soon!
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