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7/2/2011 c1 Cookie-chan
Um... Their names weren't Chan and Wong they were Li and Mushi... Just sayin'
4/22/2011 c1 4Vi-Violence
Not bad, though Jets thought process at the end was a bit overdone, I would have tried to have him express it a bit differently.
9/15/2010 c1 5Mildly Rabid
Sounded so much like the episode. Wow, you were very prophetic with that one.
4/16/2008 c1 1T. Whirlpool
If we do figure out who Chan and Wong are, are we happy muppets?
2/13/2008 c1 29Lady Juse
No offence but...their Earth Kingdom Cover names are Lee and Mushi...sorry if that offends you =_=. However this is a good fic :) I knew who Chan and Wong were any ways! Zuko and Iroh
9/30/2006 c1 2Generally Maz
9/16/2006 c1 31FireChildSlytherin5
Well, you did pretty good. It was really close to the "new" episode (luckly next week is also a new one! YEAH!).
9/1/2006 c1 whyamidoingthis01
8/23/2006 c1 220Jesus.Lives
And I like giving reviews to great stories that make me smile.



8/9/2006 c1 Kooky
very interesting, please make into a multi chapter, Aang and com. could meet "Wong" there or sommit...


P.S. Jet is a Jerk :)
8/7/2006 c1 84Dungeonwriter
Wow, you are on a roll. Another fine work, you completely captured Jet's anger ridden voice. Very nice job, showing the reactions to Jet's offers and Jet's reaction. I am most impressed.
8/7/2006 c1 TheUndertone

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