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for I Had Enough Last Time!

9/17/2006 c1 Dumbledoreschild
YAY, a twist on that faitfull night:) please continue, and quickly:)

your reader,

9/4/2006 c1 Dumbleodreschild
OH I want more:) I love this sort of story. A Revised version of the 'Lightning Struck Tower'. Kepp going.

Your reader,

8/9/2006 c1 3Swords and Spells
LOL, I have used your profile to find many a good stories under your favorites list. I found that I kept seeing your name on the reviews for the stories that I was reading and realized that you had pretty good tastes in fanfics. I am very pleased to see that you are starting one yourself and commend you on a job well done on your first chapter. Good luck and I hope to see something great from this. Always remember that you can't please everyone with your fanfiction so when you get negitive reviews, break them into two catagories, constructive critisism, and flames. Use constructive critisisms and flames are only good for roasting marshmellows. If you notice, people who leave flames are usually people who have not written anything. Sorry for this going on so long, but I thought I would try and leave you some good advice... Good Luck, LUKE
8/7/2006 c1 1shakespeares-kate

You have my attention for that was really brilliant beginning. Although really, I believe that this is just a dream. Please update the first chapter soon.

8/7/2006 c1 2Babymeeko
Fanatstic, Love it.

Cannot wait for more!

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