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5/26/2009 c4 19Dichotomous-Dragon
GAH there isn't any more! PLEASE write more!

I know I said I wasn't going to finish this today but...yeah I skimped on working because I really wanted to keep reading.

Excellent story! I like what you did with your original characters and how you worked them into the worlds.

If you've got more post it! :D

5/26/2009 c3 Dichotomous-Dragon
Interesting...very interesting...

Still very well-written, and I'm interested to see where you're going. Also, totally random...I think gunna is spelled gonna. Idk for certain as it is slang, but I've never seen it spelled with a 'u.'

Great job!

5/26/2009 c2 Dichotomous-Dragon

Well it certainly DID get interesting quite quickly! I will say that you lost me a wee bit when 7 picked up, I wasn't sure if Ryn WAS Cloud (a la FF8 when Squall 'becomes' Laguna) but I'm sure it'll get straightened out.

I am enthused to see where this goes!

good work again :)

5/26/2009 c1 Dichotomous-Dragon
This is very cool! I'm at work and can't read more, but reast assured I'll be back!

On a constructive note: your phrasing is very good, and only occasionally is there a sentence I don't quite follow because it's constructed a wee bit oddly. Your speech seems very in-character to me, and FF8 is my favorite of the games, so kudos ^.^ I tend to be quite picky.

I also am interested to see where you go with Ryn and how you mesh 7 and 8. I am a big fan of Cloud and Squall as a team (not yaoi pairing, lol) so any mesh of the two game worlds (if well done, as yours looks promising to be) is interesting to me.

Nice work!

3/11/2008 c3 amy
Sorry to say that it has been awhile since you last updated and I didn't realize that this chapter was up. I'm guessing this Cye is someone special to Ryn, bur how special? Please write more!
3/8/2008 c3 5Death-Scimitar
(Reiven shrugged, her laughter becoming less innocent. “Either you’ve become less gullible, or your luck still holds.”

“And you thought I was being cliché?” Ryn mocked, walking down the staircase to meet Reiven in the entrance. “I expected so much more from my equal.”

“’Equal?’ You mean your superior right?” Ryn reached for her swords, figuring that Reiven would reach for her scythe, but she still remained still.)

Who is speaking at the end of the second paragraph and the third paragraph? Does it go Ryn then Reiven?

Can't wait for the next chapter to come up. I want to know what happens to Zack and Cloud and Sephy! And how Ryn will affect them!
9/7/2007 c2 2loverly zee
wow! this is terribly interesting. and i love ryn's train of thought/conversation with bahamut, very well developed :) *fav*
7/20/2007 c2 Amy
It's been awhile since I check back in on this site. I'm glad I remembered the name of this to story to see that there has been an updated, but I'll admit I had to reread the first chapter.

Reiven just came out of nowhere... So what's this connection between Bahamut and Tiamat?

Neat idea with the use of quotes, there were a few I didn't recognized though. But I think you did a pretty good job so far with FF7's world.

Keep it up.

7/2/2007 c2 5Death-Scimitar
Sorry I didn't write a review for this earlier, my mind has been elsewhere... Don't you dare make a comment about that!

Anyway, you already know that I loved this chapter, especially since Reiven comes in. The idea with the different quotes was a neat idea and the interaction between the grunts and the SOLDIERS is good. *hugs Zack and Cloud* I love them both!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

8/26/2006 c1 amy
Interesting story. I noticed you used a different name for Ryn, you put down Michelle instead. Reiven sounds cool! I can't wait for the part when she finally comes in!

Please continue.

8/9/2006 c1 Death-Scimitar
I totally didn't realize that you had put this up! One thing I must say, one habits die hard... You actually put Michelle instead of Ryn. It's in the part where its the first time she is talking with Bahamut. And your italics came off towards the end when Ryn and Bahamut are talking, it's only for two sentances.

Oh, when are you going to put up another chapter... *whines* I must have more...


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