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3/25/2008 c1 JudeRockGoddess
That was so beautiful!

Well written...loved it!

10/8/2006 c1 10PlzLukePlz
Wow. I've never read anything by you before, but as I was reading this, I couldn't help but wonder how did she learn to write like this? I adore your grammar, and how you play up your vocabulary by weaving it in to the story, spreading detail into thoughts that would have been otherwise inexplicatly thrown aside by any other author. Your writing is so passionate and riveting, and I cannot wait to read everything else you offer on this site!


PS~ I may be wrong, but is Gilwascool a Gilmore Girls reference? It just jumped out to me, because mine is.
9/3/2006 c1 1foxyroxystar
This is so sad the whole way through that I really didn't see them coming together again at the end. Marvellous writing, go you! xx
8/18/2006 c1 5tanya2byour21
I loved this story keep up the good work and please post more soon.

8/15/2006 c1 1pixiestix16
er, a bit confusing, but great on the whole. o think i may be just a tinsy bit to tired to fully comprehend any deep or metaphorical stuff right now. the story is very discriptive, kind of like jumping off a bridge down a thousand feet and into a deep, emerald lake versus sidestepping a shallow puddle. it goes way more into the depth of emotion and lives than most stories every dare to dream about. it makes for a richer story, difficult to fully understand the vast meaning of but all the more incredible!

8/11/2006 c1 C13jt14m
I love that song, and i love way you incorporated Tommy and Jude to mix with it. Great job
8/11/2006 c1 14Tommy4eva
OMG! I love it! It's so good! You have skillz! I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it!
8/11/2006 c1 2gravityisagainstme
oh..I'm crying! but then aghain I'm pmsing, so anything would make me cry...all the same though, it's great!
8/11/2006 c1 15LikeAPhoenix
I love it! It's awesome! And I like the song. I loved the ending.

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