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4/8/2009 c5 XoRinoX
Well at least you provided an acceptable answer, but you need to do it fast, because I see awesome potential in this fanfic, and I am far too impatient for my own good. XP
7/21/2008 c1 4Blackrose74
Reply to Chocolate Eyed

xD a 2 year late reply lol sorry bout that!Um well it originally was a PxS(thanks to my simple 14 year old mind) but I might have to change that now because I can't remember the full details because I lost my notepad with the plotlines in it

Reply to hentai18ancilla

Ok will do!Well try to do anyway,there isn't that much tears in it *reads fic* or is there? xD

Reply to all replies xD

THANK YOU!For reviewing that is.At first I was just going to leave this story but since you all love it,I'mma continue it soon!
9/2/2006 c4 8hentai18ancilla
write more its good,less stupid tears
8/28/2006 c4 1Chocolate Eyed
is this going to be a PS? coz if it is then tell me now so that i dont read any more coz i h8 Paul i h8 him so much sorry 2 all u Paul luvas out thea.i hope that Jesse really is her otha half
8/26/2006 c3 zxcvnm
OMG! I can't believe Susannah doesn't love Jesse! MY WORLD CAME CRASHING DOWN! GOHD, I HOPE THEY DOn't break up!
8/21/2006 c3 Chocolate Eyed
Sergeantlover91 is right. This is so evil.

Stay True to the book! Be with Jesse! Love him for is Jesse/Queridaness unless your a Paul lover (which i have nothing against apart fomr the fact that its Wrong Wrong WRONG!)

sorry if this upsets you but to me its true. But update i wana see what happens *Gives evil eyes* and make it good.


Keep it up! (the Susie kewlness not da Paul)UPDATE!

8/17/2006 c2 108wanderlustlights
aw! sorry, i just really love Paul and he seems really sweet in this story...update soon! love it!

8/17/2006 c2 I.Admire.Meyer
I LOVE THIS STORY! pretty please with a million cherries on top, contine!
8/17/2006 c2 11xBxAxMx
this is soo evil? jesse is the wrong guy? no way! paul cannot be 'the other half'! o well...good story. update soon please!
8/14/2006 c1 4hotapps
This is good. I would just like the chapters to be a bit longer. But good job. update soon.
8/13/2006 c1 2xxsindybabeexx
Hey gd story, keep it up n write more please
8/12/2006 c1 11Sweetly Sarcastic
well, if she isn't meant for jesse, can i have him?

anyway, this is a good start, but (this will make me sound like a gramar teacher), you need to look at your verb tenses. just a suggestion. overall, though, this is decent

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