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1/15/2008 c1 77de yaten
Very nice! I liked the dynamic between the three brothers. Very brotherly and almost "normal" in a way. I liked the bit about Kadaj and Yazoo eating Loz's terrible cooking so Loz didn't cry. I've added this to a C2 community - I hope you don't mind! :)
6/20/2007 c1 8Scarecrow047
Aw, cute! Very cute and adorible and I love it!
11/17/2006 c1 20Beni-kun
Awesome story! You should continue it! :D I love how they're all in-character. :)
8/12/2006 c1 1LittleBrick
wel, it's nice to read something like this from time to time, maybe you should continue( with loz's and yazoo's POV) it could be great, it's very well written.
8/11/2006 c1 19foxygirlchan
Very cute and sweet!

Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz all have impacts on each other's lives!

Although this got me thinking... If Yazoo supplies them with what they need, then doesn't he supply them with money? If so... How does he get it? Sexing himself off to someone, maybe? I'd pay for that. XD

Loz is so cute! He clutched to Kadaj when they were younger here! That's cute! Haha, Kadaj caused them to get seperate beds. I bet Loz cried when they first tried it. XD So maybe that is the reason behind his stuffed chocobo... ? XD

There are more reasons Kadaj lives. He should know that! Ah well, we all contemplate our lives and why it's worth living once in a while (some more than others; me).


Great story! A very fun and short read!

I did find at least two or three spelling mistakes though. :0 Ah well. Also, I thought the three brothers were borh after Sephiroth died... ? Hm... This is a conundrum in my mind. -ponders-

Great job! Keep on doing what you do best; writing! :D

Well, I'm off!

8/11/2006 c1 SilverFlowers
hehe...aww..that was nice. ^_^

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