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7/13/2008 c4 noneya
6/17/2008 c6 Santana2
I think the story is going well so far. And I'm really liking it so update soon!
8/7/2007 c6 silverfox
C'mon! Let's have an update. I feel bad for Robin. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I noticed a lot of misspelled words and I was wondering if you are in need of a beta-reader. I'm planning to become an English teacher myself, and I like to read your work. Email me if this interests you. UPDATE!
7/31/2007 c6 4GhostWriter7737
that was good. keep writing. :p
5/14/2007 c6 ladybug
you aficialy rule in every aspect in writing
11/27/2006 c6 16Alexnandru Van Gordon

I was rushing through my mail and probably deleted the ffnet update notice by accident. Anyway...

Dun...dun dun dun-DUN! Sleeping Boy Wonder; references to past 'incidents' (coughcoughbatscoughcoughcough)...the plot thickens

And yes...I will be updating soon. I've been packed with homework (grade twelve this year), so time has been hard-pressed for me. The League's Hunt is next on my list though...don't worry :)

-Standing ovation

-Alexnandru Van Gordon
11/18/2006 c6 16Shunatsu
YAY YOU UPDATED IT! YIPEE! Nice chapter. I really like where this is going. Something bad is going to happen...
11/17/2006 c6 7Mako-Magic
o! sounds like a fun fic! poor little robin, but BB's right, he shouldn't have to get hurt to have a break. the leader of all those superheros is a plain guy, and thats why i like him!

hope you update soon

11/11/2006 c3 4thundever1
please let Robin be okay at the end of the story
11/11/2006 c6 thundever1
Great story, please update soon
11/11/2006 c6 4Elfangor87
Not a lot to say about this chapter. Nothing really happened. The only negative this is your characterisation. I could do with a little work.
10/29/2006 c5 16Shunatsu
I like the story as how far it goes right now, but I do have a few things that perhaps you can use to improve the story.

1) There are a few spelling and grammer mistakes. Maybe you could try double checking the story before you post it. I get these kinds of mistakes too if I didn't check it.

2) Like I said, I really like the story. But somehow, it isn't really... 'like' the Titans. The way they talk and act are a little weird, and maybe you could try using some words that's 'more-of-their-personality' in the show and perhaps make them act more like their own characters.

This is just my opinion! If you don't want to change anything, it's fine for me. Just suggesting. But really, I like the story.
10/7/2006 c5 16Alexnandru Van Gordon
Hm...I wonder what the sign is...or what Slade would also destroy (sorry, my mind is numb and I can't remember if you clued us in on the answer in one of the previous chapters :P).

Anywho-yet another great chapter. I'm planning on updating soon, but I have a very busy weekend and I might not get started until Sunday night. I hope we still have a deal.

-Standing ovation

-Alexnandru Van Gordon
10/7/2006 c5 1ArgentJinx
i'm still surprised that you don't have more reviews, but this is certainly good work.
10/7/2006 c5 4Elfangor87
Thanks for updating when you did. You've given me a reason to take a fifthteen minute break from my studies. The only negative comment I have is the length, there's too little of it.
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