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10/4/2006 c4 1ArgentJinx
This is really good. I'm surprised that you don't have more reviews.
10/1/2006 c3 19Blazenix
Oh PLEASE continued this story! And keep writing stories YOU are good and always remember that!

Keep on writing!
9/29/2006 c4 16Alexnandru Van Gordon
Dun dun dun...He flew! No, I'm just kidding. You've really got me wondering how that happened-and neat-o! Kid Flash came-heh, yeah, he would get there in two minutes or less. And it seems Cyborg and Rae are on the case! *salutes them* Let's see how well they do compared to Robin's detective skills.

Keep up the wonderful work

-Standing ovation

-Alexnandru Van Gordon
9/24/2006 c4 11RockyVRWolf
Slade did it. Its so obvious. More please! :hug:
9/24/2006 c4 4Elfangor87
Robin will soon get bored of laying in bed every day. Don't leave him there to long.
9/23/2006 c1 RaRaRamenGal
Yoz~! Sweet job on teh storeh~!


Portraited the characters nicely and all~

lolz, on slade too

= '-' = *mewz*
9/20/2006 c3 16Alexnandru Van Gordon the bait Batman (you might have said it before, but I'm dumb tonight). I guess I'll have to wait for an update...Oh well. Good job-still love the detail. You're one of the few good writers I know of on this site (and that's saying something since I've read a lot of the past anyway. You're still way up there in my opinion). Good luck-and don't let anyone pressure you into updating. Also, don't worry if people don't review ASAP. As the stroy goes on, they'll get bolder; they'll tell you what they think ;) Keep up the good work.

-Standing ovation

-Alexnandru Van Gordon
9/20/2006 c2 Alexnandru Van Gordon
It's pretty good. YOur writing has it's own unique voice and the details great-you don't leave me wondering, trying to connect two things together that don't make sense, but I do have two little points that had me a little edgy ( I don't usually do this). First, I can't see Robin swearing. Second...can't remember. Maybe I'm losing my memory *scratches head* Oh well-another great chapter. It seems I still have some time, so I'll move onto the next chapter.

-Still standing ovation

-Alexnandru Van Gordon
9/20/2006 c1 Alexnandru Van Gordon
YAY! I had a break from school work so I decided to scan the web-site for stories I haven't read in a while and I remembered to check up on yours. Sounds great so far-it seems like you've put a lot of work into it. Wonderful! I'll see if I can finsih the next chapter before my sisters kick me off. Keep up the good work ;)

-Standing ovation

-Alexnandru Van Gordon

PS: Sorry for not reading it sooner.
9/8/2006 c3 4Elfangor87
The not really far enough in to comment on the story, but it’s good so far. Your biggest weakness is the grammar. I’m going to keep reading to see where you take it.
9/8/2006 c3 Dummy
hm...what type of bait are we talkin bout? i hope that its not one of the bat family members...that would be a thorn in the side wouldnt it? youre doing a great job dudette and with less spelling mistakes this time (lol) but the 'sharl' thing got me though...

update soon!

n hope u can guess who i am ;) muhaha!

9/4/2006 c3 11RockyVRWolf
Very nice chapter. Saw two spelling errors: inslave-Enslave and sharl-shark. Other than that, it was good. More please. And fear the dreaded school!
9/4/2006 c3 1Supercilious or lack there of
oh a cliffy update soon please
8/25/2006 c2 Supercilious or lack there of
I like it please update soon
8/24/2006 c1 1an.empty.tear
Aww poor Robin. Make sure to update soon!
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