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for Akatsuki's flower

6/13/2011 c4 9Frostfire613
Geishas aren't prostitues, they're entertainers. Just thought i'd let you know
12/5/2009 c1 Alex147
Well Kakuzu will be always Kakuzu (chuckling)
3/11/2009 c34 Ravenclaw Slytherin
Loved your story! Update soon!
3/2/2009 c34 7Usagi323
12/27/2008 c34 33halfdemon-kai
Kawai! That was such an awesome story! I totally loved it! The kids are gunna be so cute when they get older. xD Woo! I can't wait so see the sequel whenever it makes its appearance. :3 Good job DanDan, amazing story. I'm proud of you for finishing it. :D Congrats. :D :3

12/27/2008 c34 6Hao is hot

Oh and POST AWAY! I don't want Akatsuki flower to be over just yet T_T

This rocked and I loved it! so many giggle's, so many good bit's!

Heh, Fugaku just got owned by his wife at the end their.

I can't WAIT for the sequil!

The last review on AF

Hao is hot
12/27/2008 c33 Hao is hot

Yay, the baby's are born!

Damn, Kari-in-labour is scary..

Heh, Die and Kisami are evil. :

Anyway, please update soon ^^

Hao is hot
12/23/2008 c33 33halfdemon-kai
That was so awesome DanDan! woo! *cheers* You must have done your research for this one. *applauds* Lol. All that info... I would have gone insane. xD Good job my friend, a cute and yet funny chapter. Laughter is the cure to all ailments. :3 Lol. Amazing chapter, good job, and Merry Christmas. ^_^ I can't wait for the update. :D

12/19/2008 c32 halfdemon-kai
Woo! That was a funyn chapter! xD I love that whole part on the phone with Kisame and Deidara. I laughed so hard in class about that. I was kind of surprised that no one looked at me strangely. Lmao. It was awesome. I liked this chapter like all the other ones. Kari's fetish about WalMart stuff made me laugh too. It was hilarious. I look forward to the next two chapters and then... Dun da dada! The sequel!

12/19/2008 c32 6Hao is hot

Ha, she really did sound like hermionie their, I kept picturing her as hermionie every time she siad the slave labour lines. man she can be stubourn.

Woop, please update soon ^^

Hao is hot
11/27/2008 c31 33halfdemon-kai
Kawai! I loved that chapter. It made me laugh really hard. I was reading it at the end of my tech class today (finishing it off) and Brittany beside me is laughing because I'm just laughing my head off. Lol. It was funny. I love the little video parts. They made me laugh really hard. I enjoyed it. :3 Good job my friend. Good chapter! Congrats! I look forward for your next update! :D

11/23/2008 c31 6Hao is hot


My favoret bit was when Jirya stood up an said "I object! He's a human Ice cube!" HAHA! That was gold.

Heh, Hinata and Sasuke are gonna get married!


Anyway, pelease update soon

Hao is hot
10/25/2008 c30 6xEpIcxXxfAiLx
:D You should update soon ya know? I love your story, it makes meh laugh :3
8/8/2008 c30 5dark soul 1313
... why does that sound like my child's first words? and why does it remind me of meet the fockers?

i guess it goes to show, i'm insane.

i passed grade9, i'm going to be in grade 10! *does stupid dance*
8/7/2008 c30 33halfdemon-kai
YAY! GO DANDAN! *tackle hugs* This chapter was so awesome. It made me laugh so much. Especially the last filler. That was funny. Except I kind of don't know where this chapter takes place. o.O That makes me really confused. Lol. But tht doesn't matter 'cause I was still laughing. :D Lol. Good job my friend. Pawesomeness all the way! :3 :D Lol. I'm glad you updated, as always. Lol. Update whenever you get the chance to my friend. I look forward to it. :3

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