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for When Love and Hate Collide

1/11/2017 c1 6AJ Granger
Very cute, and if only Lorelai had been a little more willing to give Jess a chance. I like this change from the dance marathon, and the peek into young Jess and Rory.
10/3/2016 c1 MargaritaS
nicely done
1/29/2015 c1 3RedHollowGirlx
This was so perfect! I absolutely loved it. Great job!

4/30/2011 c1 radiate689
if only that had happened ahhh...
7/28/2010 c1 26Lady.of.Victory.Rising

And that's all I'm gonna say about that.
12/13/2009 c1 kylielink
liked it.
7/27/2008 c1 stephaniemeyer4ever
I LOVE IT Great work!1
2/13/2008 c1 HiddenFlame42
Aww I'd copy-pasted the bits I really liked and accidentally deleted them! :( Point I was trying to make was how wonderfully you've captured the characters! The one-legged dancing banter with Luke/Lorelai and the face-sucking Shane comment by Rory were two of the best ones. I especially think you've got Lorelai's character down well.

This is definitely a better version than the episode! I understand why Dean was mad in the original, but this was just so much better! And Jess? *swoons* Nuff said I think. I love how you got Paris, Lane and Kirk in as well. It made it seem more like a real episode than a FanFic.

Excellent job on this! :)
12/5/2007 c1 19merz86
OMG! I love this with a burning, fiery passion. Amazing!
9/4/2007 c1 17udon'tknowmebutiknowme
ooh. that's so good! i don't even hate u for writing a oneshot cuz it's so long! jk. ayway, i really iked this! so good!
6/14/2007 c1 1sanfrangiantsfan
Hey! I really loved this story. I don't usually like one shots because they tend to be kinda pointless, but i loves this one. The way Rory and Jess got together was probably one of the best ive read
6/2/2007 c1 4lostinthemoonlight
i'm so freakin amazed that my facial expression hasnt changed for like 5 minutes. yay! i ‚ô•loved it!
2/13/2007 c1 14AllisonSwan
12/14/2006 c1 BurnLikeStars
So, i pretty much never read One-shots, but I decided to try this one. I absolutely loved it. It was extremely well-written and felt like I was watching the show, not reading a fan-fic. I especially like how you wrote Lorelai towards the end.

All in all, the story wasn't over the top in any way. Just perfect.
9/18/2006 c1 maymayisarjlovr
absolutely loved! i think i read it on an rj site before i read it here...hmm. oh well, incredible no matter how many times you read it!
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