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3/4/2009 c1 20Ruka-Roxy83
6/6/2007 c1 34Feirdra
Oh my god, I just finished watching the movie, and this cracked me up something major. XD Short, but amazingly cracktastic. I liked the OT3 at the end, too. XD
11/30/2006 c1 27The Obsidian Angel
LOLOL! That was so great. I had to keep so hard from laughing. Great story!
8/29/2006 c1 Some Other Name
LoI I want to see this turned into a funny Sailor Moon move.
8/17/2006 c1 12Serenity-hime
That, was incredibly messed up. And I loved it :) IS all your writing going to be like this? Cause if so I've got lots and lots of reading to do. This really cracked me up...it was like watching a mini-movie but with one vital element replaced. Like in Pirates of the Carribean if the main bad guys had been teddy bears instead of the undead. It just...make a lot of difference. I really liked this, and I hope to read more.
8/15/2006 c1 285Silver Sailor Ganymede
Very funny, nice work.
8/15/2006 c1 16HermioneCrookshanks919
That was hilarious! I loved it. The beginning alone had me cracking up.

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