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11/16/2008 c1 3SexySkyla66
Hey, Jordan! I got one question. are you talking about me or someone else?
9/4/2008 c10 33halfdemon-kai
KAWII! That was freaking amazing my friend! I totally loved it, like always! I thought it was so cute but I thought that it was unfortunate that it ended so ubruptly. And Brawl IS so much better than the original. xD Lmao, that really made me laugh, saying that you're too cheap to buy one. Lol. I totally loved it. Grace was there and she laughed too. It was great. :3 Lol. Good chapter my friend! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next! :D:F

6/25/2007 c9 1Dreamer's Samhain
*pokes* I wish you could update more often, but I should be happy that you updated right?

well it you said...crapish. But its just cuz you were busy right? oh well. I'm gonna shut up now and pray that you'll have time to write over the summer.

6/22/2007 c9 33halfdemon-kai
Oh, sorry, I forgot to review. Lmao. I'm kidding, 'cause I'm reviewing right now. Woo! Lol. You updated. I'm so happy! Lol. You made my day buddy. :D:D Lol. Well that was a funny chapter, it made me laugh. :D:D But everything funny you write makes me laugh 'cause it's funny. Lol. Can you tell I'm bored? Lol. Well, I hope you're doing good on your exams right now, and that you're having a good day at the moment. :D 'Cause my day's been kinda shitty so someone has to have a good day. Right? Right. Lol. Well I can't wait till you update something else again 'cause you write awesome stuff. :D:D I should go now so please update when you can and I'll read it. :D:D Bye bye! Have a good weekend if I don't talk to you later. :D:D

4/30/2007 c8 5dark soul 1313
u have purple hair! say it's black or some thing cuz thats rachels hair color and i'll kill u for making me scream i love you on the phone!*thinking of ways 2 hurt u*
4/28/2007 c8 1Dreamer's Samhain
okay, it was interesting yet lacking what your other chapters had. I'm sure once you feel better that you'll be back to normal (cat is in my lap) and I hope you can update soon!
4/26/2007 c8 33halfdemon-kai
OMG! Dude that was so totally awesome! I was laughing so hard at those parts I told you. Good thing that my parents aren't awake otherwise they'd think I'm an idiot or something. Lmao. That was such an awesome chapter. Especially the skunk thing at the end. That dead skunk on the side of the road thing... nothing new. xD That made me laugh too. xD Lol. Well I hope that you will update when you get the chance and I'll go read AF while I'm waiting for my video to load. :D:D Please update whenever. :D:D Bye bye!

3/30/2007 c3 5dark soul 1313
hurry and put me in there! fromleslie

ps. my story won't go on line!
3/28/2007 c1 8Lack Thereof
In my opinion, this is overloaded with OCs in one chapter. Gradually introduce original characters so people don't get overwhelmed.

Heehee my brother hates Naruto, he said all Naruto says is "Believe it!" Didn't really understand the joke until now.

ALSO, thanks very much for reviewing A Family Affair. Maybe it'll help me get off the short term hiatus I put it on... ^^;
2/21/2007 c7 1Dreamer's Samhain
So sorry for not seeing that you had updated, and I didn't reveiw. Well I'm reveiwing now ^^. And thats it. This story is going on my favourites! ^^ and it makes me laugh very much ^^.
2/19/2007 c7 33halfdemon-kai
Dude, that was an awesome chapter! I really loved it! And I could never get mad at you. :D I only wanted you to update. Lol. Could never ever get mad at you unless you did something really extremely horrible... then I might. xD But that depends on how the story works. Lol. But yeah, that was an awesome chapter and I really liked it. It's not good that Orochimaru got his memory back... Hopefully being hit over the head again will make him forget... AGAIN! xD Lol. Anyway, please update when you can, 'cause you know we all like it. :D:D Talk to you later! :D

2/18/2007 c7 36goldnote
Hehe... This story keeps getting wackier and wackier; very nice!
12/26/2006 c6 1Dreamer's Samhain
OMG. THAT WAS SO FUNNY! :) keep writing please!
12/11/2006 c6 33halfdemon-kai
I loved that chapter. :D:D Just as I lvoe all your chapters. Lol. I tried to update yesterday and it wouldn't let me so I was totally pissed about that. Lol. *shakes fist at computer/internet server thing* xD Lol. So yeah, that chapter was great. :D I so can't wait for the next one. Oh, I got your letter by the way. Lol. I loved the stickers, though I was sad that I ripped the one of Sesshoumaru on the envelope. *cries* But his face is still there. Lmao. Alright, well that was an awesome chapter, I can't wait for the next one... well I can but you and Cassie are like the only people who update anymore. Lol. So update whenever you can and I'll send a letter back to you soon. :D:D Bye bye!

12/10/2006 c6 36goldnote
Oh, dear... the fun never stops, does it? ^_^
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