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11/22 c18 5hijoton
Great journey :)
11/12 c12 ShadowEonEclipseChaos
The thought occurs to one everytime one reads this chapter; If the dummy plug in Ranma's Eva were activated, would he not do the same thing he did during the fight with the Angel in the oceanenforce his will upon it through sheer force of will with his Ki?
10/9 c18 BlazeStryker
And the centennial award for Worst Timing Possible goes to Pantyhose "Epic Fail" Tarou.
9/9 c18 buffmage
I really enjoyed this story. You and your team did an outstanding job. Thank you
5/31 c18 Kolgrimmur Bectelson
I really enjoyed this story. I fully intend to check out your profile page to see what else you may have authored. Thank you for the enjoyable read.

4/5 c17 12WPGanimefan
This was extremely good in fact I think you may have written a better story then those who did Neon Genesis Evangelion.

(Incase any of the people who worked on it or their kids are reading this) NO disrespect intended to the crew of Neon Genesis as it’s one of the best anime ever
1/11 c18 Guest
Aside from the ending, this is all kinds of great.

There's people who say that Ranma's made out to be a "bit too perfect" compared to all of the other characters (even though he's just as flawed), but I think it's because he finally has moment to catch his breath in the World of Evangelion.
As he said in his own words "It's like a vacation for me." So I assume he'd start thinking more rationally when he's not surrounded by dysfunctional dogmatists and fight-happy nincompoops.

I especially love the way the rest of the characters are portrayed. Asuka being a mostly rational fun-loving hot-head is welcome, and Rei becoming a functional human being is well written. Not one of them is out of line, other than the Amazons at the end.
I don't remember Shampoo ever being that domineering, and Ryouga had no reason to die despite everything he did (it's pretty sad, but I guess in Ranma's words, respect and sympathy have to be earned).

I would've changed the Epilogue that Bastet gets Ranma out of the bed, and asks him to talk to the camera (as if he's making a will). Since he decided to stay in that world, he makes a video for all the Tendo Residents (and acquaintances) explaining why he made that choice, what they sincerely mean to him, and that he hopes they have a great life.
After that tinge of sadness, (almost) everybody decides to move on with their life. Ranma is finally content with earning true happiness.

But that's my interpretation of it, feel free to get your own philosophy out of it.
1/2 c18 Darkepyon
Fantastic story really enjoyed reading this one
6/23/2020 c18 jmcdavid
I predict that after Ranma left, Toji popped the question to Hikari, and she accepted.

Meanwhile, after seeing what Kaji is really like, Misato decided to give him one more chance. So far, he hasn't given her any reasons to regret it.
6/22/2020 c2 jmcdavid
Nice reference to Nobody Dies, with the teacher's name.
4/16/2020 c6 7XxGargantuaxX
You know you're fucked when a girl gets her hands on a big ass nuclear hammer to beat you with it.
12/1/2019 c18 Ninja6345
This is absolutly awsome. I loved it.
7/23/2019 c18 typo
the Kuno's - the Kunos
7/23/2019 c17 Guest
It's a bit of a dick move to just kill off Ritsuko off-screen, it feels so senseless, casting a pall over the story.
She deserved a happy ending.
7/23/2019 c16 Guest
Both a face-fault and sweat-drop in the same sentence? Pretty cringeworthy. Please stop using those.
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