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7/22/2013 c18 whitedorumon
I'm not very knowledgeable about evangelion... And my knowledge of Ranma is practically 0.

But I still really enjoyed this story..
7/15/2013 c18 redk
great work
7/14/2013 c18 2vodkaCanidae
This is an epic masterpiece! I will shamelessly admit that I was hooked thoroughly from chapter 1 and could not restrain myself from reading through the entire fic in one go - it was that captivating and awesome to read. You did a truly magnificent job planning and writing this beauty, and I can't thank you enough for writing this. Definitely a fav! A superb job well done!
5/14/2013 c18 Blackholelord
Actually the idea you got about crossover this with Full Metal Panic looks nice, and I would like to see how they would happen Ranma and his girls. And another thing, Ranma and the girls could find themselves fighting in giant robots once again.

Heck the lance used by Ranma at the end of the last chapter against the SEELE Evas, that was Adam's personal weapon, Ranma summoned it unknowingly from the moon to his side, what happened to it. It is connected to Ranma, will he be able to summon to use it combat in this world, but human size, but also robot size.
5/2/2013 c18 16XiaoWing
Love it :)
Thank you for this wonderful story
4/13/2013 c18 OddWallow
Great story. Fell in live with the characters. Was inthralled with the way the tail played out. Wish there was more of it to read ;)
4/2/2013 c18 10Tismen
I love this fic. Good job.
But maybe it would have been better more inputs from the Tendo, because there were things I would liked to see their reaction that were ignored.
3/15/2013 c18 1Destrark
great story! brilliantly done! congratz!
3/12/2013 c18 Treant Balewood
I absolutely adored this fic thank you for writing it!
2/25/2013 c18 shugokage
This one of the most incredible stories in the entirety of and thanks for the beautiful ending good job!
2/15/2013 c18 Ranglar
Wow! I couldn't stop reading this. I love your commentary about how abusive and hypocritical anime girls can be. But more than that, I love this story! A finished Evangelion story with a happy ending, that's actually good and well written! I thought I'd never read one! You are an awesome writer.
2/7/2013 c18 Rexnos
Alright, reached the end. Time for yet another review.

I was honestly surprised how sappy you decided to go with this one. You specifically mentioned that things were going to get more serious, but it never really felt that way to me. People did get hurt, Akagi even died, but the story was moving at such a fast clip that there was no time for grief or suffering. Asuka's injury vs the production model Evas represents that well. Her eye explodes and her Eva was disemboweled, but Ranma and Rei healed her so quickly it only lasted for moments.

Regardless, sap can be nice to read sometime. I generally prefer deadly serious, very realistic stories, but I guess I was in the mood for fluff. I really enjoyed watching Ranma return and put his life back together. Ranma stories typically make me wish to take the stupider females and shake them until they see what utter witches they're being. It was nice to see them suffer their epiphanies and lose the competition.

Anyway, I enjoyed it overall. I feel it would have been better if it ran a bit slower and a bit more realistic, but that is utterly personal preference. Those are the type of fics I like to read and I generally feel all stories should be more similar to them. It's obvious you put a lot of thought into you plot and your characters, and I really enjoyed reading about both.


(P.S. - While I'm sure a goddess could take any form, were you aware that Bastet typically takes that of a cat?)
2/6/2013 c9 Rexnos
I was fairly pleased with the entirety of this story until this chapter. It seemed like a strong character insert story with an added twist of the main character knowing the future. Ranma tends to be a good character to toss into most any circumstance and it was evident in the first several chapter.

Unfortunately, I didn't like this chapter much. Eva, as you stated earlier, is an anime centered on the broken characters which it stars. Shinji was a ball of self-doubt, uncertainty, and social awkwardness, Rei was an emotionless mess of apathy, and Asuka was a violent, attention-seeking, arrogant, bitch. While there were giant mechs and battles against angels, a large percentage of the conflict in the anime revolved around broken people attempting to interact with one another.

You managed to capture that to a degree... only to invert it with no obvious reason. A handful of moments with Ranma has turned Rei into a demonstrative girl in heat and Asuka into an affectionate partner in crime. Both have become their utter antithesis and suddenly Ranma is the disturbed individual. I found this change grating and highly unfortunate. I was actually enjoying how Ranma's careful social interaction with the girls was SLOWLY changing them.

That said, I actually liked Ranma's sudden malfunction. It makes a considerable deal of sense considering his past. I could even see Rei cooperating with Ritsuko's plan to help Ranma. Rei is still horribly broken by her upbringing and I can somewhat see her throwing herself at Ranma in a misguided attempt to procreate. It was really Rei crying at all and Asuka offering a comforting shoulder which I couldn't accept. Asuka may have been on the road to accepting Ranma, but she's still a tsundere at this point. Rei may be getting more closely in touch with emotion, but I doubt that she even understands the meaning of tears at this point.

Anyway, I'll continue reading the story from this point, but I wanted to share my thoughts before I forgot them. I imagine I'll still get a few laughs out of it as I've been enjoying the Nerima crew's reaction to Ranma's antics. I'm honestly looking forward to whether Ranma goes back or not, and how Nerima will change based on his journey.

Apologies if my review offended in any way. I prefer constructive criticism to mindless praise. Hopefully I highlighted the areas I liked enough to avoid this review being interpreted as an outright flame.

1/29/2013 c18 Guest
I thought I have read the best I will ever find, but then I started this. This is a whole new level that rivals novels that are best sellers. If you haven't I would recommend you become a novel author so your talents don't go to waste.
1/29/2013 c18 2steamrick
Very nice story :)
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