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for The Wild Horse Thesis

7/14/2019 c4 Guest
as she most always did - as she did most of the time
7/14/2019 c3 Guest
It's ridiculous how much you are nerfing Ranma.
Gendo should absolutely not be able to hit him with a clean shot, the crotch hit especially was complete nonsense. Even just shifting his hips a bit would be enough to deflect that hit.
7/14/2019 c1 typo
for-go - forego
7/11/2019 c18 Paul Ruth
This story deserves a sequal it was that good
7/2/2019 c18 Davera
I hope you will make a sequel to the story unless you already have a sequel then I will try to hunt it down cuz I still would like to see what ranma's future with rei and asuka would be
4/1/2019 c1 gerardo.g.angel
Returning to read one of the best stories
2/21/2019 c18 2clockright
I know that you wrote this story over ten years ago, but I always like reading the wild horse thesis. Ranma's trip into another dimension has all of the elements of a great love story and more.

Thank-you for writing this as it has been a delight reading it over the years, and it always cheers me up how Rei, Asuka, and Ranma all levitate towards one another.

You make the whole story seem very much believable, even more than the original series at times. As one of your readers I would like to say thanks for pouring your heart into your work, and allowing us to enjoy that effort.
2/16/2019 c1 Steve
Ah! How everyone acted just reminded me why I blacklisted Ranma as series. The whole retardness of everyone was to overwhelming for me to deal with it. Honestly hope that he will not return to them.
2/12/2019 c1 4ShadowFireZelda
i have recently noticed that all of the best Ranma fanfiction begin with Gosunkugi. No real importance to this, but a fun little tid bit.
1/20/2019 c11 Capucha blanca
francamente Kaji y Misato deberían conseguirse un cuarto
1/15/2019 c3 18StArLoRdMac2
de por si NGE es un anime iconico de los pocos completo si le sumamos el historial de Ranma lo lleva a otro nivel su historial de encuentros habla por si solo, estoy de acuerdo que es bueno para Misato conociendo sus gustos tal vez aprenda algo. hablamos de dos anime de la epoca dorada.
12/27/2018 c1 StArLoRdMac2
increíble es la segunda vez que leo la historia y es mejor que antes, elegiste dos animes de buena época, sabes escribir una gran historia seguiré leyendo es increíble
10/28/2018 c1 Darkepyon
actually shocked i had missed this story until now just read the whole thing great job i liked the interactions between Ranma and the NGE cast you guys did a very good job with this one.
10/20/2018 c18 StArLoRdMac2
gracias por la aventura, una montaña rusa de emisiones, tramas, voluntad, crecimiento y superación y valores morales, admiro tu trabajo aprendí mucho como escritor si una dia quieres date una vuelta por mi perfil estoy trabajando en un crosover de ranma 1/2/school days, hasta la otra
10/17/2018 c6 StArLoRdMac2
Bien dulce y lo digo por ver que desenmascararon a Ryoga, jajajaja por fin tiene su merecido, me gusta este crosover los personajes son de otro mundo y Ranma esta creciendo como persona en mi opinión esta mejor en evangelion, seguiré la historia.
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