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8/16/2006 c1 Sean the Metamage

Fun, and direct to the point.

Good job... I don't remember finding any spelling or grammar mistakes.

I'll wait for more.
8/16/2006 c1 2Davros
I've never seen Eva, but I do like this story. You've done a pretty good job of capturing Ranma's character. Well, except for the angsting over his curse; he seemed to be pretty much over that by the end of the manga to me. Well, whatever; I like the story.
8/16/2006 c1 18DragonGolem
Whoa buddy this is one good story so far! I don't think I have EVER seen a plot hook quite like this one before. Keep up the good work and your characterizations seem to be spot on. Good job!
8/16/2006 c1 A Reviewer
Even if it takes the rest of your life, I /implore/ you to finish this story.

Words fail me.

8/16/2006 c1 5pspinler
I've always wanted to see an evagelion doing martial arts. :-)

Your story is off to an interesting start. Thanks, btw, for not making ranma 14 years old. I also like how you're having him interact with the Evagelion cast. I especially appreciated his reaction to Gendo.

I'm not sure if the "Tendos watch the anime" framework is good for the story, or not. I'm taking a wait and see approach on that bit.

Regardless, please continue!

- Pat
8/16/2006 c1 phoenix.ru
Hm... kinda looks like the story Innortal started ("Duality") Still, as I kinda like the retelling of Eva with Ranma taking an active role in it, i'll stay tuned ^_^.
8/16/2006 c1 1Bobboky
sweet and looks to get sweeter
8/16/2006 c1 goku90504
lol this was a great idea keep up the fucking good work

next idea send ranma into the wheel of time series (maybe a book series ranma got hooked onto reading as a way to pass the time while he hid from the girls in his life)
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