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for It Ends Tonight

10/23/2011 c2 JimmySt
well... the first part was good. thanks for half I guess.
12/25/2009 c2 adzy
OMG! I love your Story pls. continue with it pls. (cherry on top)

12/9/2007 c1 3abriel
i can't wait to know whats going to happen next.
7/27/2007 c2 6Miss Dany
If you don't want to finish it are you going to giv eit to someone else?
5/3/2007 c2 18averageteenhunger
grr!...you're not going to finish it?...damn...i'm having a bad day today!...i read this story a long time ago and i was expecting an update...when i found out that there was an update i was so ecstatic...then i saw that you were not going to finish it...i'm so disappointed...though..i really like this story...i'm hoping that you would change your mind...:)
10/26/2006 c2 peculiardoll
this totally reminds me of the movie Initial D hehe! =D id love it if the whole naruto gang were in a racing car anime thing o_o please continue if you have time
9/27/2006 c2 9Hersheys Rocks
Poo... you're not going to finish it? Hmph, I really loved this story too, oh well... i guess... yeah
9/10/2006 c2 20asterisque
Aww! i really wanted to read the second chapt i was so excited when i saw this in my story alert...but i can see where your comming from...I'm really lasy when it comes to things i dont really need to do because i get alot of homework, that's probably why i don't write fics...anyways good luck with your homework! i really hope you do update it one day tho! ^^ i will wait! Maybe you'll have time in your next holiday or something...haha
9/9/2006 c2 6The Tainted Queen
It's sad that you aren't going to Continue It Ends Tonight, it's a really good series! Good job on it anyway! And goodluck with all the homework!
9/9/2006 c2 15Peach Tuesday's
arg no! lol =] i know how it is i got tons of homework but please try cuz this story rox my socks!
9/9/2006 c2 5nickygirl
oh my gosh. i was just thinking about this story on my carride home and then i see that you updated. but it's on hiatus...so upsetting. i understand though...so yeah. school's evil. i do hope that you get to update it anytime...i don't care how long. i just want it updated...

love always

9/9/2006 c2 112supersmart
aw and i was really looking forward to see the next chapter D= oh well, school's important and all -sigh- though if you do get time (holidays, maybe?) please reconsider? =D i really did like this fic though =3
9/4/2006 c1 3eyesofcoal
o- i totally love it so far...not a fan of AU, but this is great! update soon plz! I'm dying to see Sakura in action!
9/1/2006 c1 15Peach Tuesday's
omg this story is friggen awesome! i love it so full of action! and i wanna see what sakura can do! update soon please!
8/21/2006 c1 1Kanami
This is a very cool little fic :) I'm looking forward to the next chapter :3
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