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8/20/2015 c6 May
Have ichigo help kisshu get over it?
1/31/2014 c6 13Kitty-Key-chan
have deep blue come and kidnap ichigo then kisshu has to quest to save her, over used story line i know but i thought it might be cute :3
6/13/2008 c6 2Eastra Aensland
i loved your story plz plz update soon
11/22/2006 c6 Nitchu Mikata
just get blue to try to attack ichigo and then have kiss save her then she falls in love etc. come on get with the program. people are depending on you to finish this story. (such as myself)
11/19/2006 c3 13Applecake
I love this chappie the most so I'm telling you seperately. It's so kawaii and utterly touching. This entire fic is a gem though.

Anyhow, this fic is different from others I've read. However, I still enjoyed it! I love the dialogue exchanges.

I hope you'll consider updating soon.


P.S. In the other review, I said keep up the good word. I meant "work". Teehee . . . ^^;; Sorry. My apology.
11/19/2006 c4 Applecake
This story is good. I absolutely love the length and your ability to apply. I'm a fan of long stories with generous word lengths (most of the time) so this is very good.

You have a nice writing style and I love the way you portray the characters. The plot is kawaii! So are the descriptions.

^_^ Keep up the good word. Ish very good!

9/20/2006 c6 Cherryll
Dont be It happened also happened with me anyway

What about Ichigo and Kish try to have a life together and they get a child and Deepblue comes back to get the child.

Ichigo and her sisters are in the forest with the child, Deepblue comes and take the child and mother.

Retasu and Minto run to get help, and Retasu run in to Ryou and Minto Keiichiro, they run run to Kish to tell him that Pai is with him.

They try to get Ichigo her child back but Deepblue tell kish that it can be Ichigo or his child, who will it be ?

they try to get Ichigo back Love the story so far an Idea
8/30/2006 c5 1Ravefairy
ok then..uh..update soon...?
8/28/2006 c4 gracee kim
love it!
8/20/2006 c5 CrystalAbsol
more! please
8/18/2006 c5 1NoruheilArius
KisshuFangirl wasnts to read more! :D
8/17/2006 c5 6Edtheoddfish
I will still read this fanfiction.

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