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8/20/2008 c4 5jpdt19
Glad to see this carried on with.

Very nice, Thanks!
11/3/2007 c1 Dirby
good story, wish there was 1 more chapter at least.
10/30/2007 c3 thecomputerroom
I know you are probably focusing on The Consequences Of Not Being Polite but could you please try to update this story also.
6/23/2007 c3 Arthorius
Looking for a update to this storyline...
4/29/2007 c3 111Mountain King
Okay where to start?

I found this story playing "link" (a bizzar game of bordom where you move from one favoutes list to another until something catches your eye). First ,like many of your reviewers, I have to say I have no idea who this is crossover with, but I can see where your going. I too was unhappy with the sudden and abrupt gear change in episode I. I saw the signs and of course knew as everyone did how it would end. Unfortuently as we both know there wasn't a good "middle" to the Star Wars story.

I like your writing style, but without much clue as to the strangers identity I can't say much about in charicter. What I can say is this; As far as I know there were no Jedi masters left in the temple. Jedi teachers, Younglings and Padawans yes but all the full jedi were streached across the galaxy. Another thing I would suggest is that while your descriptions are graphic and very good at creating an atmosphere the old addage "Less is more" comes to mind. I'm writeing a three part saga that has a lot in common with this work but involving Darth Vader. There are only so many times you can write about a rasping breath and black armour descriptively!

I'm adding you to my favorite authors to keep updated on this and your other stories. I'm not going to say update soon or any of the other quick reviews people add on. What I will say is keep going at your own pace, write your best and keep this quality of work up.

Though in a bit of self-advertising can I suggest you look at my Empty Grave stories (The ones I mentioned above)? I think you would enjoy them and there are a few similarities!
4/9/2007 c3 dragonmisc
I like where this fic is going please update soon.
12/19/2006 c1 AceRaptor
this is a excellent story plz update soon :)
12/3/2006 c3 CJNyfalt
Interesting crossover. Managed to figure out who he is when he mentioned the oath again in chapter 3.
11/28/2006 c1 Barsoom1911
I'm not normally a fan of Star Wars or Star Wars cross-overs, but this is interesting and a damned good read to boot. Oh and by the way the mysterious stranger is Maglor, second son of Feanor. Wandering indeed.
11/23/2006 c2 thecomputerroom
Outstanding story, please try to write more soon.
11/15/2006 c3 AceRaptor
excellent update :D just who is the stranger? hope thats revealed soon :) and update again soon :D
11/15/2006 c3 1Tom Robinson
Another nice one, I can't imagine who the stranger is though, but then again my knowledge of the SW universe is limited to the films and a few books.
11/15/2006 c3 Arkeus
Still good, still intriguing. Now i just have to hope that things go smoothly and realisticaly, and not just the way that is more fun (meaning no need to prolonge palpatine's survival by plot twists).

Great work.
11/14/2006 c2 Tom Robinson
Nice so far, although I fear the stranger is going to turn around and say "The names Potter, Harry Potter." :p
11/10/2006 c2 AceRaptor
wow! this fics excellent! dang i cant believe i missed this fic! please update soon :D
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