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12/16/2006 c20 5Ley Elizabeth
Okay time for my original review..


I didn't think anything could top Don't Forget to Breathe..

But wow.. Sadie being Dolly.. I did not see coming.. a lot of things I didn't see coming.. this story made me think and say things to the degree of, "Holy shit!", "Oh my fucking christ!" and the more popular, "Oh you BITCH!"

This is by far one of my all time favorite stories. Woman, if you were to change the names in this and make them all original, you should publish this damn thing. Hell, I'd buy a copy!

Or two.. hehehe..

Anywho! All in all.. on a scale from one to awesome, I give it an in-fucking-credible!

You rock the socks I walk in!

Much love,


P.S) Don't make a sequel and ruin this piece of art for GOD's sake! ;-P
11/26/2006 c20 9moxxie23-deactivated
I never expected it to end this way. So many revelations in the very end. Makes me wonderif you would ever consider doing a sequel. ;)
11/20/2006 c20 NLTudox3
i love this story so much, im so sad its over, and great ending.
11/12/2006 c18 21Tink2
I can't wait to see what's going to happen in the next few chapters! Love the story!
11/11/2006 c18 9moxxie23-deactivated
So my guess was right, they were one in the same. Whoa.

Can't believe there's only 2 chapters left to this. I wanna see what's gonna happen with AJ now that Sadie's/Dolly's secret is out. And I also wanna see how Austin and Annalynn are gonna handle her presence.

Anyway, good chapter.
11/3/2006 c3 Nikki
i dont normally review but i think i know y sadie and dolly hasnt meet now n why hasnt austin been round, n wat alex secreat is. keep up the good work
10/31/2006 c15 moxxie23-deactivated
i'm starting to get this... all i can say is... WHOA!
10/29/2006 c14 CarlitosCandy
10/29/2006 c14 moxxie23-deactivated
7 chapters left?

oh! so i'm guessing sadie's story is about to pick up soon...

great chapter... it was cute once they started noticing annalynn's features... lol
10/26/2006 c13 7Phenomanalangel6
absolutly lovin it girl! and i think i may have figured out teh conection between teh two stories. but i will jsut have to wait and see, which mean you should update soon!
10/26/2006 c13 9moxxie23-deactivated
I'm really really curious as to what Alex's deal is. I hope to find that out soon.

As for which story I like better, I like Dolly's better than Sadie's so far. Probably for the mere fact that there seems to be more going on with Dolly right now. I don't kow. Maybe finding out more on Sadie's situation could help me sway to Sadie's story. Who knows?
10/25/2006 c13 DaniAnne
Wow, I love both Dolly's and Sadie's stories. I am hooked! Keep up the great work.
10/25/2006 c12 CarlitosCandy
Carlitos' Candy speaking: i love you.
10/25/2006 c12 moxxie23-deactivated
He actually admitted to something. Hot damn! LOL
10/25/2006 c13 Brat in training
Great Chapter, Madam. i really am enjooying this story alot, i like both Sadies and Dolly's but i still think that they are two in the same... does that make sense?

Anyway just want to tahank you for updating!

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