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10/24/2006 c1 NLTudox3
i love this story
10/18/2006 c11 21CarlitosCandy
i love you =)
10/14/2006 c10 CarlitosCandy
Did someone give you a bad review darling? Give me their name.. I'll kick their sorry ass, just because I love you. You've worked so hard on this story, you don't deserve ANY bad review. This story is amazing and I'm proud of you.

Can't wait for the secret the sexyness alex shelley has to be revealed ;)

love, your number one fan
10/14/2006 c10 Vanny
You just have nothing to worry about. You rock.

Keep writing or I'll send people after you.
10/14/2006 c10 Brat in training
i have a feeling on whats gonna happen... something happened between Austin and Dolly, everyone found out and she left. so Dolly changed her name to Sadie, and Alex knows who she is and what happened. I have to say i am really enjoying this story, it is cool! are you plannig to do a sequal? i know this is gonna bug you alot but can you start updting twice a week? well i know your gonna say no but you can't blame a girl for trying...

Also, i need to ask your opinon about one of my stories, and since you are one of my favorites i thought i'll ask you... i'm on Msn messager if you wanna chat at

Till next time

Laura (aka Lady Payne

ps: hope this is long enough a review for you!
10/11/2006 c9 Guess Who
what a lovely story this is =D

great work, stranger.
10/11/2006 c9 Brat in training
great chapter, can't wait to saturday for te new chapteter. i think that the reason that your switch is cuz Dolly and Sadie is connected somehow, but i like to know how.

so great chapter again

10/10/2006 c9 7Phenomanalangel6
9/23/2006 c7 wrestlingbloghehe
hmm i'm a little confused as to why the story is going back and forth but i'll deal cuz i like this story!hm...your writing style is crazy!lol

anyways nice chap, can't wait till next saturday!
9/23/2006 c7 21CarlitosCandy
absolutely wonderful...

9/17/2006 c6 4Twist of Styles
I really hope this twist is a trick because I can`t see Aj that way but even if it isnt this is becoming an amazing story, keep it up!
9/17/2006 c6 wrestlingbloghehe
omg wow i didn't think that aj could do that!i have a feeling that aj didn't do it!wow that was interesting!can't wait for the next one!
9/16/2006 c6 Brat in training
Hey Please don't lkeave it so long next time... i love this story, and i wnat more...
9/16/2006 c5 wrestlingbloghehe
xtyne just got me into this and i've got to say she's got awesome taste ,this story is getting better by the chapter!can't wait for the next chapter!
9/2/2006 c1 Candy
"nice chap! great work! horay! update soon!"

okay totally just kidding =D but nice work on this story. i luv you
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