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2/14/2007 c5 dr3ami3
who's H.K? who's H.K? i want to know. please update again really soon!
2/9/2007 c5 teddylicious
I love Anri-chan and Max! They are both so kawaii! Please update again really soon!
2/6/2007 c5 Carcas
I like it.
2/6/2007 c5 allmybballgirlz
lol. poor boys, they have to go shopping too. update again really soon!
2/2/2007 c4 6higher than sky high
nahahaha.. so funny. :P except the white names kind of bother me.. haha kyohei as kyle! x_x and ian? hmm. but isn't naomi japanese also.. that always got me confused cause i was like "so, was it japanese or hebrew or w/e first..."
2/2/2007 c3 higher than sky high
wow, this fic is so cool! ^^ anri is awesome.. and so organized.. haha i love chores chart.
2/2/2007 c5 gum4ever
lol, the torture also known as shopping. this was a good chapter, but what did anri mean when she said she didn't want sunako to lose her soul? and you never explained what max was up to either. i hope you update again really soon, cause i want to find out what happens next!
2/1/2007 c5 10ShadeSpirit
Its ok. When I read it, nothing jumped out at me, so I don't think you have any mistakes.
1/31/2007 c5 28Bishonen'sFoxyMiko
This was great. And Monkey Kix Ass... I'll be patient for the appearance of Kagome and the crossover and all that.

Hope you update soon. And it's okay that you were late on updating this. Just take as much time as you need. There's really no hurry to rush things.
1/21/2007 c4 kiki
it's the 21st already. when are you going to update again? please update!
1/16/2007 c1 Sarah
i regret to inform you... but someone has rewritten the first part of the third chapter for you. Since i'm still new to this fanfiction site, i don't know who wrote what first, but the beggining of your third chapter sounds oddly similar to that of the person who wrote "The Twin". If you are curious, i would advise you to read it so that my suspicions are confirmed. Sorry about the incident.

1/16/2007 c4 svbchastity
this is hilarious. i love your story. please update again really soon.
1/11/2007 c4 lu
another great chapter. you better update again really soon. lu wants to find out what happens next!
1/9/2007 c4 teddylicious
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. that was hilarious. anri and max are so cool. you have to continue and post up another chapter really soon.
1/3/2007 c4 7drarryderps
you have to continue!
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