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2/18/2009 c4 lgfrommk2931
Just out of curiosity, why'd you use the name Jed in this chapter?
10/25/2006 c5 16ickle-s-10
yay! you updated!

i loved this chapter! especially the end. "goodbye to dear mr. doorman" is one of my favorite lines. xD

and i'm so happy, now they're living in the loft! yay!

update soon again please, okay?
10/20/2006 c5 meaghan
10/20/2006 c4 meaghan
awesome chap. i loved how you put the patd line in there. i realized that when i went to read ch. 5 but decided to review this chap first. :)
10/18/2006 c4 Foamy
isn't There’s a good reason the tables are numbered You just can’t think of it honey the name of a Panic! at the Disco song?
10/17/2006 c4 132PandaFire McMango
ha! my 2 great loves, combined! thank you! morew, more, more, or i will scream (seriously, i will). please! oh, and Real Life...can that be Collins/Angel? Pleasse? just asking, since it has the word ANGEL in it, anyway...i can't wait for Louder Than Words, either! whoohoo!
10/16/2006 c4 16ickle-s-10
and then she becomes a stripper...

this chapter was so great! i loved how you put mimi in this, it's not something i would've thought of, but you made it work really well.

update soon please!

and is louder than words going to be last? because that's my favorite.
9/2/2006 c3 ickle-s-10
i love this so far! very original.

keep writing!
8/26/2006 c2 personwhoishere
E, this story is like my two favorite musicals crunched into one fanfic! *dances*
8/25/2006 c2 39jesuisl0ser
Good job! Update soon
8/20/2006 c1 philfan05
Lol, Cool... :D you should keep writing. - philfan05
8/20/2006 c1 jesuisl0ser
WOOT! *re-reads fic while listening to tick, tick...BOOM soundtrack in background*

This is awesome! Looking forward to chapter 2!
8/20/2006 c1 11passionate fire
E! I '(regretfully) have NEVER seen tick tick BOOM! But I'm starting to like this!

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