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for Swallowed by the Sea

8/6 c4 158Buckhunter The Race Horse
Well done!
2/19/2008 c4 39JustAnotherAuthorDurping

Daw, that was so cute! I loved every bit of it. The ending was fantastic, and makes me all fuzzy wuzzy inside. xD

I'd just suggest perhaps getting a beta-reader or proofreading your work; their were some typos in there that sort of stopped the flow of the reading.

Other then that, great story, I'm glad I read it. :3 Cheers.

3/15/2007 c1 haleyXsparrow
Hey do I get props? Because you know the thing where it says,

"Well, that's where I belong.. and you belong with me.

Not swallowed in the sea."

Yes, I figured it out...thats from COLDPLAY! I was listening to that song ALL day! Very nice how you put that into the story. :]


1/17/2007 c4 11Orwhatwehave
Aw... It's over? Shame that it is... Why couldnt she give the compass to me? Instead of throwing it away... ah well that's not really part of the oh-so-brilliant story is it... this is fantasmo
1/10/2007 c4 19The-Pirate-Lass
I loved this. Especially, "...he found the greatest depth of the sea in all it's encasing glory within her eyes..." Great work! Can't wait to read your next fic! ^_^
1/3/2007 c4 10jackswoman
this was wonderful, one of the best stories i have ever read. keep up the good work and i hope your next story is just as good as this one.
1/2/2007 c4 Sassy Sparrow
Yes, yes, yes! That was beautiful! I LOVE happy endings :o)

You really can be proud of this, it's excellent work and I love it all the way.

Now I'm looking forward to your next sparrabeth story ;o)

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Take care

1/1/2007 c4 3Lily Evanstar
Bravo. Bravo. Loved it.
1/1/2007 c4 spinx
OH for the love of god!

Why the hell did you have to stop now?

I want to know what will happen to them, what about Will?(I hate him... but still)

Please tell me you´re gonna continue this soon!

I really don´t know what to say. You have such a beautiful way with words.

"slicing the dead air between them"- don´t know why, but I really liked this little part.

Great job.

The story had everything one could wish for. Drama, angst, suspense, romance and of course Lizzy and Jack.
12/30/2006 c4 15Beautiful x lie
this is angsty beond belief!

but it was really good

you showed a different side of Jack

that no one really shows, its

his more vonerable side (Sorry about spelling lol)
12/30/2006 c4 pirate princess101808
Aww, that was sweet.
12/29/2006 c4 21.more.time
omg! i love it! pleaseplease PLEASE write a sequal!


12/29/2006 c2 ditte3
It's one of the most beautiful JE stories i've ever read.Please continue.
12/29/2006 c4 2Gravitea
I thibk that is the best version of Jack and Lizzie getting together that I have yet read ^_^
12/8/2006 c3 19The-Pirate-Lass
I just finished reading this and aside from a few typos, I must say it was rather good. Hopefully, you'll be updating in the near future? ^_^ I can't wait to see what happens next!
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