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10/8/2006 c1 1hershey-kiss
Periwinkle! Sorry I haven't been reviewing your stuff lately, I've felt uber-guilty and so i am reviewing this then your other story then i'm going to ask you to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the chapter i sent you and tell me what you think. and i've done an edit to the chapter already so look for that, too!

Anywho, about this story: Songifcs are wonderful,dear, and I am all in favor, but they have been banned by this particular site, so make sure the mods don't catch you or ur lovely story might get deleted.

Excellent song choice, btw.

Okay, criticism:

1)'silver-gray'. bit redundant.

2)I am not going to comment on the Remus-Tonks thing, because as you know I do not support them AT ALL and think he is just humouring her, but I won't say any of that because this is about YOUR story.


4) Was I the one who told you what lycanthropy meant? I think I was, but I could be mistaken.

5)Bloody bastard? I'm sure you could come up with a better name to call Voldemort.I've heard you do it, sweetie.

All in all, it's very sweet, very in character for Remus. And very very sad. I kind of expected him to kill himself at the end. Or at least cut himself. Or maybe be about to but it's the full moon and he's just about to but he turns into a werewolf before he can do it...that would've been a wicked cliffhanger. A sort of "lady or the tiger" way to end things.

There, I hope that makes up for my non-reviewing-ness.
8/23/2006 c1 Hannah
Aww, so sad! But, very well written. I liked this alot!

Your story has gotten me thinking, so let me just say this: Remus has been dragged through the dirt enough. If JK Rowling kills either him or Tonks off, I'll go crazy! Out of all of the characters in the HP books, Remus is probably number two next to Harry in line for a good life, a family, and some love. He deserves to be happy.
8/23/2006 c1 14Harmony'sSake
Thats so sad! Its sweet but soo sad! I like happy stories, but this was still good!


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