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3/11 c1 DelennTriesTalkingLikeAHuman
Very interesting.
7/31/2009 c1 33The Strange Writer
i was so pleased when i foudn this1 ever since i was littl, when i watched oliver! (1968 with jack wild as dodger (soo cute!) i always thought that the artful should be nancys son or bills son ro both. i think i also used think that fagin should be nancys dad! haha. a weird little family in my weird mind.
2/25/2009 c1 3Katarina Sparrow 19
You know I'm surprised Mr. Dickens himself didn't throw this idea in the book. I've always half suspected it. Again something in this particular line of fanfiction I've always suspected that someone wrote. I think they'd make a quaint little family to tell ya the truth. Well done mate hats off!
11/11/2007 c1 4Silent as a Bomb
That must be enraging 4 NancyxDodger shippers.
10/18/2007 c1 1Red Cherries

That is a really neat idea, thank-you for sharing it:D

10/16/2007 c1 3Charlene Bates
Oh! This is a really good story.

It actually makes sense to me!

Very, very nice job on the writing!
4/17/2007 c1 64The Sugarfaerie
A very original idea, having Jack as Nancy's son... I like it. I haven't seen the musical, I must admit, but even in the context of the book it seems fitting. Even if I am a secret Dodger/Nancy shipper ( in my mind, they're a lot closer in age).
3/17/2007 c1 8maxtreme225
A very interesting angle to look at for the characters of the story. I really liked it. Great job!
1/26/2007 c1 39ASGT and Kat Maximoff

I really liked the concept. A lot. It was a good, original idea, and Fagin made me giggle quite muchly. I love that man. And Bill. But that's besides the point.

I'm just gonna mention here that Nancy's 17 and Dodger's... well, we don't get an age on him but I'd guess anywhere from 12-15, so biologically, that doesn't work at all.

You have a lovely writing style, and the characters were in character, and once again, I adored Fagin in it. His banter/snark with Nancy was much appreciated.

Yeah... I kinda went looking for Oliver fanfiction because I'm in the middle of the book for the second time and tired of dealing with Rose. I'm slightly obsessed, and have a legitimate excuse to be until... April/Mayish there abouts. But, that's how I found this.

Though, I did like it except for biological impossibilities.
12/25/2006 c1 20CaliforniaDreamin2020
Please make this more than a oneshot! We need more Oliver fanfics like this one. Continue-have bill find out or something. It could go anywhere, this is a very good story.
9/20/2006 c1 37yorozuyagaren
Interesting premise, except that Nancy isn't old enough to be Dodger's mum. She'd have to be in her mid twenties, and the impression I got from the book was that she was in her late teens. Interesting premise, though.

You need to go over this for typos.
9/19/2006 c1 1lafilledufeu
Hm... interesting idea, however Dickens states that Nancy is 17 and Dodger is, at the youngest, 7. Which would mean Nancy would have been 10, which is a little squik-worthy.

8/25/2006 c1 Vechababe
Very nice idea and a good story too. Fave'd!
8/25/2006 c1 Abi
Dodger as Bill and Nancy's son, it's an interesting idea, I liked it
8/24/2006 c1 4Go Outside
I really enjoyed this story, are you going to continue it because that would be wonderful. Really cool idea about Dodger being Bill and Nancy's son. Anyway, I hope you do continue it, it is very well written. Thanks.

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