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for HamHam style of High School Musical!

4/23/2010 c1 Sandy x Maxwell 4ever
Well actually people like to use Japanese names for the people

Hamtaro Haruna (Laura's last name),

Bijou Ribon,

Oxnard Koshi,

Boss Taisho,

Pashmina Mafura,

Penelope Chibimaru (or Mafura people make them related),

Maxwell Noppo (My favorite Max!),

Sandy Torahamu,

Stan Torahamu,

Howdy Maido,

Snoozer Neteru,

Dexter Megane,

Cappy Kaburu,

Panda (in Japanese it's Panda! so you can make his up),

Jingle Tongari

So yep there they are! Where is my big chocolate bunny? I hope it's not hollow!
8/15/2007 c3 4Ribbongurl613
hi! thanks for doing a ham thing from High school musical!

although I feel pretty felf out don't you think. Why does sandy

have to be left out. sorry how rude of me. Well toodles!
7/25/2007 c4 Ally
Um...I dont own the movie but i remember that um...the coach ask the teacher why are he boys sitting in the tree and um...idk what happens next and ai saw the movie 3days ago on disney channel XD well dont blame me cuz i forgot so... let me remember ...i forgot =( oh well.

P.S i have the memory span of a 12 year old maybe cuz I'AM a 12 year old :)maybe ill send you another review when i see the movie again if they pass it ;o

~Ally AKA Alejandra
1/12/2007 c4 erikacaptor
Cool i liked it how you based Hamtaro into 'High School Musical'Keep it up!

8/30/2006 c4 6SilverAngel223
Great chapter! Hurry up with your next chapter!

8/29/2006 c4 13Angel-Gal73
Heck yes I like this remake better! I especialy like how this is more like the movie. Even though I can't exactly imagine Pashmina as Sharpay...oh wel though! I'll live! Neway, hope u update this soon!



P.S Are they gonna sing ne more Highschool Musical songs?

P.S.S Yes, I know this was a lame review, but I had reviewers block! Hope u dunt mind...
8/28/2006 c4 18melonstyle
Cool! Update soon!

I better update soon too, once I'm out of my writer's block. Ugh! I hate it!


8/26/2006 c1 13narusakufan1985
This is a cute story. Please continue. Hamtaro and Bijou forever.
8/25/2006 c2 6SilverAngel223
I love high school musical! I'm so glad you decided to make in hamham style. I'll be waiting for the next chapter
8/24/2006 c2 18melonstyle
Please put the lyrics in! It would make it so much cooler!

Update soon, I LUV High School Musical! (I have a current obsession for it)

Message me buddy, we haven't talked in a while except on the Hammi~Tag!



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