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for midnight rose

6/13/2010 c1 23Darkened-Storm
This looks good so far.

Only one thing... make sure you have a new paragraph everytime someone new speaks, it makes it a bit easier to read but otherwise this was very good.

Are you going to update any time soon?
4/9/2010 c1 3xXxCometxXx
Nice, I'm very glad you're continuing the story - it's got a good storyline and I'm hooked already - keep it going, I should like to read some more :)
6/4/2007 c1 3nobodywantsyou
eh why you no updat chapter 2 young lady?
1/19/2007 c1 3HeartsofNarnia
Love it!
11/22/2006 c1 7EtherealButterfly
I'm so glad someone kept up MIdnight Rose! Well, I hope to be able to read the full story now. Thanks for continuing this ^_^ I'm especially happy because now I'll be able to see some more my OC. Anyway, can't wait for ch.2

10/16/2006 c1 mindless dumbasss
ooh~! Ur writing it now, ne? hehe can't wait to see how it somes out :D
9/17/2006 c1 21royalphoenix
Heya. yay you have it up. sorry it took me a while to review but i've been so busy with scool. anyways hope you update it soon.

Luv Phoenix

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