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1/17 c1 Francisco Yepez
TA culera la historia
12/7/2021 c129 3LoneWolf427
Oh come on, that last line was a bit too cynical. Way to undercut the moment. Oh well, it's not a deal breaker so no big deal
9/20/2021 c378 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
9/6/2021 c378 Shin28
Why can't you make the story further
9/6/2021 c378 15Leaf Ranger
So if I understand correctly...we're going to get the battle of Marineford. Something I've heard about...but that won't go well...because if I remember correctly, from what a few people told me...well...it doesn't go well for ace or Whitebeard.

I'm hoping maybe Naruto's presence can change things, but I guess we'll see, won't we?

Glad to see you're back, sorry about the writer's block and anything else getting you down, and sorry for taking so long to read this. Been busy...and lazy...sorry. x.x;;;
9/4/2021 c1 Zenchi to zen'n no kami
Diablos... 14 años publicando sin abandonarla :0 realmente tienes mis respetos como quisiera que los creadores de otras historias tuvieran esa misma perseverancia T_T
9/3/2021 c111 3LoneWolf427
Crap! Disregard the last review regarding my image of Naruto in this story, I forgot that he DID have the headband. My bad. Is it still okay though if I imagine him in the outfit from the first series? Like I said, it's easier that way
9/3/2021 c110 LoneWolf427
Even though he ISN'T wearing the clothes he does in the series, along with the others, is it okay if I still picture him that way as I read? I mean of course it's without the headband, but still. It's easier for me
9/2/2021 c378 Guest
8/27/2021 c378 fenixrojo36
Me gusta mucho esta historia espero ver más capítulos amigo
8/26/2021 c378 9Power of Magic
That was quite the chapter, and I look forward to seeing how things go in the next one. Glad that you've taken the vaccine, but sorry that you've had/got writers block as I thought that you'd forgotten about this fanfic or something. Hopefully the next chapter will be updated sooner (unless you'll still have the writers block)
8/25/2021 c378 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
8/25/2021 c378 4Gamelover41592
now it begins...
8/25/2021 c378 7warhawk talons
Glad to see an update after so long! It's OK I've been having writers block for a good bit too.

This was a good chapter although I expected Neji to have some type of comment about the reveal of Ace's father if hes there I mean. I mean they both grew up on the same island until Neji and Hinata moved away.

Also just a thought but what do you think of the idea of Rouge and Kushina being sisters or cousins. I mean they're both red heads And this would make Ace, Luffy, and Naruto related by blood not just by oath.
8/25/2021 c378 4Monster King
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