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for The Biju Biju Fruit

1/6 c377 Guest
Skipped ahead to see if the grammar and punctuation got better. Nope, still absolute dog shit.
1/6 c1 Guest
This is a fucking joke, you’re using three dots instead of a fucking comma. Oh sorry, “This is a fucking joke... you’re using dots instead of commas.” See how it makes a pause?
1/2 c377 78erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
12/30/2020 c377 Guest
Fic not fox but also don’t add akatsuki that’s where most fics like this die for me unless you already have then god damnit please don’t center the fix around them like please don’t make it a supe big deal make it like doflomingo where he’s a big deal but he does really fast
12/30/2020 c377 SasuGlAlY
One if you know me from disc hey two fuck yeah marineford haven’t read this fox in a while but ima re read it up to well now cause I thought it was dead but it’s not uhh continue your making some great stuff I can literally only dream of making and yeah can’t wait for more
12/21/2020 c162 Narurofan626272
Why is kakashi so weak or is he trying not to get involved
11/24/2020 c377 15Leaf Ranger
So they've got themselves a fighting crew now. That's good. Guess we'll see what comes of it.

Goo work, keep it up!
11/22/2020 c377 6Power of Magic
A good chapter, and I look forward to the next one. I can't believe how stupid Luffy was to answer the snail phone like in did (both in the anime and this chapter), but then again he is a weird pirate
11/22/2020 c377 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
11/22/2020 c377 4Gamelover41592
and now the funny is back XD
11/22/2020 c377 4Monster King
11/17/2020 c376 15Leaf Ranger
Oh wow. Bon Clay sacrificed himself. x.x That's so cool and sad.

overall, great chapter. Keep it up!
11/15/2020 c376 4Monster King
Awesome continue
11/14/2020 c376 5warhawk talons
Another great chapter although I wish it was longer.

I like how Naruto point out that he could have made a clone have it transform into the warden and then open the gate which meant Bon clay wouldn't have had to have made the sacrifice play again. But anyway I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
11/14/2020 c376 6Power of Magic
A good chapter, and I'm looking forward to seeing how things'll go in the next one
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