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for The Biju Biju Fruit

11/23/2023 c382 89erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
11/12/2023 c1 5VoteDonaldJTrump2024
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10/17/2023 c382 15Leaf Ranger
Sorry for taking so long to read and review. Life wasn't nice to me recently, and been working on getting my motivation back to read and write stuff. *sighs* Finally getting to the end of all the updates I had missed out on due to both that and my laptop breaking down.

So, Ace seems to have given up, while Naruto and Luffy haven't. Boa has asically made her feelings for Luffy very public, and Naruto has just pissed Neji off. WE'll see how that goes next chapter, wont we?

Keep up the awesome work!
9/30/2023 c382 Guest
Nami okay guys if we need to save sanji and ino we need plan before we go
Naruto okay luffy we have plan let go
Luffy alright here we go
Sakura okays go you heard nami we need plan
Hinata oh guys
Nami yeah hinata
Hinata they jumped
As everyone look that luffy and naruto jumped
Usopp they jumped
Nami and Sakura what
Zoro alright one for all
Sasuke finally some action
Usopp wait we don’t know the plan
Kiba we do have plan let jumped
Usopp wait
Choji alright let go
Shikamaru well are gonna jump anyway
Sakura and nami look each other and sight
Nami I can’t believe we have to this
Sakura me neither
So they jumped except for usopp who was scared
Luffy and Naruto landed successfully and fist bump each other
Luffy alright we made it
Naruto alright hope the others jumped
Kurama don’t worry kids they jumped but I don’t about usopp thought
Naruto wha you mean
They see sasuke and zoro successfully
Luffy hey guys it seemed that you made it
Zoro yeah but I don’t about you two
Naruto what you mean
So both luffy and Naruto got hit by nami and sakura
Naruto what that for
Nami for almost killed us
Luffy so you made it
Sakura yeah but still
Kiba oh guys it seemed that usopp didn’t jumped with rest up the crew made it
Naruto where it then
Meanwhile usopp was still scared for jumped so he decided encouraging
Usopp okay usoppp you can do this you have believe oka ahh believe sucks
Choji guys it seemed he falling fast
Robin it appears he won’t make it
Naruto quick someone catch him
Sasuke on it
So sasuke helps usopp
Nice catch
Don’t mention it
9/18/2023 c233 Guest
Um…" said Hinata.
"What is it?" asked Ino.
"Naruto and Luffy are gone." Said Hinata.
They saw that the two had left.
"WHAT!" yelled Paulie, "Don't they know anything about strategy!"

This has the same energy as, “Um dudes? What? He jumped. He jumped?!”
9/18/2023 c1 7Savior16
wait, isn't the Biju Biju fruit eaten by Naruto useless considering he already has a jinchuriki in him?
9/15/2023 c382 Crimson Hawk Wolf
I finally got caught up with a story of a whole now. I like how things are going since my last review but since I’m behind on the series from when Boa Hancock showed up in it I’m going to be rather lost here and there but going to enjoy what I read when this story gets updated.

Sad it might be a year before it gets updated again though. I hope that writers block goes away at some point and you can work on this again like you use to.
9/14/2023 c364 Crimson Hawk Wolf
Since I started reading this story I kept wondering if something like this would happen and what excatly you had in mind for how things would go. I’m very much looking forward to learning just what you have in mind from here on out. I do wonder if you added Naruto’s mom as well like how canon Naruto series did as well though.
9/14/2023 c355 Crimson Hawk Wolf
All I can say is that it’s about time they finally confess without something stupid to ruin the moment. I was actually on the verge of smashing my head against something if it didn’t happen soon to. Geez. I do like how it happened though. That was a nice moment. Not as great as some of the other moments were but still nice.
9/11/2023 c382 5Luffy L Deathwalker
considering this is a major arc you could lengthen the chapters to get everything in one shot instead segmenting them into smaller chunks. That said Neji is pissed now
9/8/2023 c382 Nicholas
Please lets see Jinbei kick Moria's ass, that's my favourite part of the Marineford arc.
9/8/2023 c266 Crimson Hawk Wolf
I’m actually having trouble remembering if the Going Merry’s end was one of the safest part of the series for me or if there was another part that was from what I remember seeing. I’m glad it was added here as well.
9/7/2023 c243 Crimson Hawk Wolf
Hidan is one of few I really hate to no end because of how annoying I always found him. Sooner he is taken out the better as far as I care. I really can’t wait to catch up to this story.
9/5/2023 c206 Crimson Hawk Wolf
Ok. I have lost track of how many times my eye as twitched with the moment between Naruto and Hinata getting interrupted like that. Just how many more chapters till they finally confess or have they still not done so after 382 chapters now. *sigh*
9/5/2023 c205 Crimson Hawk Wolf
Yeah. I actually saw that coming. I wish I knew how I did but I just had this awful feeling Hinata would have been chosen. I hate that and wonder what happens next.
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